Muckamore Abbey: ‘Insufficient evidence’ to postpone nurses


Muckamore Abbey Hospital

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Belfast High Court found there was deficient justification to clear a proxy suspensions

Belfast High Court has found there was deficient justification to postpone 7 nurses from Muckamore Abbey Hospital from a inhabitant nursing register.

They were dangling by a Nursing and Midwifery Council following a military review into allegations of abuse opposite patients.

The nurses sojourn temporarily dangling by a Belfast Trust.

In a statement, a Belfast Health and Social Care Trust pronounced a processes were unblushing by a ruling.

The judge’s statute in a High Court sitting in Belfast on Friday, means that a nurses can use in a UK, though not within a Belfast Trust tentative a outcome of a investigation.

“We have contacted families directly over a weekend to plead concerns,” a trust said.

“We conclude that this is a formidable time.”

‘Regulatory action’

The Nursing and Midwifery Council pronounced they are wakeful of a court’s decision.

“We are stability to examine a really critical allegations about nursing caring during Muckamore Abbey Hospital,” a matter said.

“In light of a court’s decision, we titillate a Belfast Health and Social Care Trust to yield us with a justification we have formerly requested that we need so were can take suitable regulatory action.”

‘Deeply distressing’

By Dec 2018, 19 health workers including a series of nurses had been dangling from operative during Muckamore Abbey Hospital.

Insufficient justification meant that a suspensions from a inhabitant register were overturned.

One of those concerned told a BBC that it had been a deeply pathetic time and that a justice preference did not meant a matter was totally over for those involved.

In a statement, Rita Devlin from a nurses’ union, a Royal College of Nursing, said: “The RCN in Northern Ireland believes that a powers exercised by a Nursing and Midwifery Council contingency be strong in their essential open insurance duty though contingency also follow due routine and be satisfactory to those who are a theme of investigation.

“The RCN in Northern Ireland has created to a Permanent Secretary of a Department of Health job for a investiture of an eccentric exploration into a caring and diagnosis of patients staying during Muckamore Abbey Hospital.”


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