Muckamore Abbey privacy room was ‘dark dungeon’



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Thirteen members of staff were dangling following allegations of ill-treatment

The mom of a severely-disabled male who is a studious during Muckamore Abbey Hospital described a privacy room her son was placed in as “a dim dungeon”.

The lady pronounced she was frightened that in 2017 a room was being used for people with training disabilities.

Families wish a open exploration to examine allegations of earthy and mental abuse during a hospital.

The Belfast Trust pronounced it “apologised sincerely” for poise it pronounced fell next veteran standards.

In July, it emerged that 13 members of staff during a County Antrim sanatorium had been dangling by a Belfast Health and Social Care Trust following allegations of ill treatment.

At a time it said: “This unfortunate and unsuitable conditions in no approach reflects a work of a 500 dedicated and veteran staff who yield glorious caring any day to a 80 patients in Muckamore.”

Padded walls

Media captionMuckamore privacy room was ‘a dim dungeon’

The male who was isolated during a hospital’s Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) final year has formidable disabilities including autism and epilepsy and can't pronounce or feed himself.

His family says he has a mental ability of a dual year old, and was sealed in a room for adult to dual hours some-more than once.

His mother, who has asked for her temperament to be protected, pronounced alarm bells started toll as shortly as she saw a room.

“I saw a room 12 by eight, with padded walls, and a leather chair sitting in a center of it,” she told BBC News NI.

“There was zero to demeanour at, no kick whatsoever.

“The room had no toilet, nor celebration facilities.

“All we suspicion of was my bad child was in there with not even a drink,” pronounced a mother.

“In 2017 this was function in a country.”

‘Knuckles burnished on head’

CCTV footage from a PICU section shows her son being punched in a stomach by a nurse.

The footage, taken over a three-month period, also shows patients being pulled, hit, punched, flicked and verbally abused by nursing staff.

Sources have told a BBC a CCTV footage shows some of a many spiritless and vicious poise opposite exposed adults ever prisoner in a UK.

A father was visibly dissapoint as he described what he had been told about his son’s treatment.

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This father pronounced he felt guilty for putting his son in Muckamore Abbey

“They swung him turn by a arm for over a notation and afterwards let him go and he fell. He has epilepsy, he’s on medication,” he said.

“They sloping him out of his chair. Knuckles were burnished opposite his conduct and several other incidents that we still don’t know about though that is on a CCTV footage.

“I usually know a brief resumé of a allegations. we have been suggested they are horrendous.

“I feel so guilty for putting him in, though as a primogenitor we suspicion we were doing a best thing for him.

“He was let down so badly by a complement and so were others.

“It is deeply pathetic for a primogenitor to be wakeful that we have entrusted your son into caring and it went so miserably wrong.”

Under review

The Belfast Trust pronounced a privacy room was still used in emergencies, though a use was being reviewed.

An adult defence examination began in Sep 2017 following reports of inapt poise and a purported earthy abuse of patients by staff in a PICU and another sentinel in a hospital.

Each family influenced will accept a news about a caring and diagnosis of their child, and a BBC understands families are being offering a event to perspective some of a CCTV footage from Muckamore.

A Serious Adverse Incident (SAI) news is due to be published, that a BBC understands will outline “catastrophic and systemic failures” involving comparison government and nursing staff.

Its author, Margaret Flynn, headed adult a examination into a Winterbourne View abuse liaison in England.

In 2012, 6 health caring workers were jailed for a catalog of abuse opposite adults with training difficulties.

The turn of abuse during Muckamore Abbey is on a identical scale, sources say.

The PSNI reliable final week it was questioning 132 intensity rapist cases, though that figure is approaching to rise: The BBC understands a scale of a examination is unprecedented.

A specifically consecrated row is reviewing some-more than 90,000 hours of CCTV footage, that might trigger some-more inquisitive actions.

Since Nov 2017, 13 staff members have been placed on “precautionary suspension” after hurt allegations.

They sojourn off duty, on full pay.

One comparison manager is accepted to have offering to retire early after allegations were made, and is now off sick.

A comparison helper is also on long-term ill leave.

‘She was black and blue’

One County Down mother, whose daughter was an in-patient during Muckamore, pronounced she regularly uttered her concerns to government and a regulatory physique a RQIA, though was ignored.

“I felt unable that no matter what we did or who we spoke to, including a RQIA and health trust management, a same things kept function over and over again,” she said.

“I lifted concerns about a continual incidents. She was black and blue, being strike by other patients.

“She was trailed adult a mezzanine by her hair though no one listened. She was failed, we was failed.”

The lady lifted her possess concerns about a privacy room after her daughter seemed traumatised and pronounced she had been “put in jail”.

The Belfast Health and Social Trust pronounced it took a concerns lifted by kin intensely seriously, and had organised to accommodate one of a families.

The RQIA pronounced it followed adult any box lifted “in line with a powers”.

“We are constantly operative to urge out accessibility, so as people can move their concerns to us in a believe movement will be taken.

“The abuse, by a really nature, was dark from government during this service, from visiting veteran staff such as psychiatrists who were benefaction on a daily basis.”

Due to a complexity and scale of a investigation, a National Crime Agency has been asked to yield recommendation to a PSNI if requested, though has not been asked to play an active role.


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