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Your essay on song in insanity caring (Making song isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity, 9 January) illustrates a advantage of regulating live song to clear happy memories and powers of communication in insanity sufferers. It also explains that music-making initiatives are mostly unfit to exercise since of a cost.

Some years ago, when we initial had knowledge of family members in care, we realised that live song was a good thing for insanity patients. As we am a veteran pianist, we volunteered to go and play concerts of light and “vintage” piano song in caring homes and hospitals. we did a supervised hearing eventuality in a long-stay unit, that seemed to uncover that residents would suffer some-more of it.

Ultimately, “more” never happened since we was told I’d have to contention to credentials checks, determine never to be on my possess on a premises with any resident, arrange to be escorted by a drift any time we came, and so on. we know such manners are put in place for good reason, though they were amply forward that my unrestrained ebbed away, and in a finish we withdrew my offer, feeling it wasn’t value a hassle. There must, however, be many musicians like me who would be blissful to offer their skills giveaway of assign to insanity homes if there were a elementary approach of doing so.
Susan Tomes

Your essay on insanity caring exposes a injured indication of amicable prescribing being adopted by tools of a NHS. On a one palm we note a investment in 1,000 couple workers by Apr 2021; on a other we advise that a accessibility of community-based groups for insanity patients is limited. Who will these couple workers be referring a 900,000 people to? The caring homes charging £30 per person? Creating a amicable prescribing attention will indeed come during a cost – though it won’t support a expansion of health-creating communities that, during a reduce cost, can means music, dance and a horde of other healthy vital activities that are truly person-centred and distant some-more expected to grasp a goals set out in a NHS’s long-term plan. Better to deposit in volunteers formed during GP surgeries who are lerned to bond people with what’s going on in their area and sustained, thorough support for communities that are environment adult and using their possess internal activities.
Steve Phaure
Chief executive, Croydon Voluntary Action

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