My intrigue beloved gave me HIV


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Diane Reeve

Diane Reeve didn’t design to find adore again after her 18-year-long matrimony fell apart. But in 2002, during a age of 50, she did. It incited out, though, that her new partner, Philippe Padieu, was sleeping around – and had given her HIV.

I’d kind of given adult on love, though thereafter a integrate of people assured me we was too immature to do that and pronounced we should get behind out on a marketplace – they suggested online dating. It was flattering heartless and we was usually about to give adult when we got an enquiry from Philippe.

It was usually a brief, “I like your profile, would like to meet,” though we was intrigued. He was French and unequivocally good looking, and we thought, “OK, one final time, and that’s it.”

We met during my martial humanities propagandize – he was also a martial artist – and thereafter we went over to a internal grill and had drinks and appetisers and sat for an hour and talked. we was preoccupied and we theory he was too.

He had cold stories and told me a lot about himself. That was kind of lovely given customarily it’s a other approach around, where a lady does all a talking, and we found that exhausting.

On that initial date we was flattering meddlesome in him, though we couldn’t unequivocally tell if he was feeling a same thing. But thereafter he finished this one flirtatious criticism and we thought, “Oh, OK, he is interested,” and it went from there, we started dating sincerely regularly.

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Diane and Philippe common an seductiveness in martial arts

Philippe was a confidence researcher for a vast association though he was laid off a year after we started dating. While he was looking for a new pursuit we asked him to assistance me out during a school.

When he was training for me we’d customarily go out after work and thereafter spend a night together. We had had a speak about being disdainful flattering early on in a relationship, so we was saying him 3 or 4 times a week and a rest of a time we was bustling with a school.

I was happy, he was happy, it was good, and we were together for four-and-half years.

In 2006 my daughter was removing married and we had a smashing ceremony.

Philippe was there – he took a video of a large family arise – and we were all going for a family cooking afterwards. But thereafter he called me from his cellphone and said, “I can’t go, I’m not feeling well.”

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Diane Reeve

He didn’t call from his home phone, that finished me suspicious, and we was mad given a cooking was unequivocally critical to me.

I went by myself, though on my approach home we suspicion I’d go by Philippe’s and check on this bad ill male who couldn’t make it to my family dinner.

The doorway was locked, a residence was dark, and his automobile wasn’t there. we sat in a drive and cried for a prolonged time, and thereafter we started to get angry.

Because I’d been profitable for his cellphone we was means to get into his voicemail. Two opposite women had left him messages and it was apparent from a voicemails that these were women that he had skeleton with.

I waited for a good hour-and-a-half or some-more and thereafter finally we saw him entrance around a corner.

When he saw my automobile he immediately sped divided – he knew that something was adult – so we followed him adult and down a community streets until he finally got on a highway. He was going 90 mph and we was right behind him. we thought, “I can follow we all night, we got a full tank of gas.”

Eventually he pulled over. we yelled and screamed and indicted him of cheating. He said, “You shouldn’t have hacked into my voicemail!” and it went behind and forth. He was so indignant and started violence on a automobile and that frightened me, so we motionless that was it.

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We pennyless adult on a Saturday. The following Monday we had a well-woman hearing and when a formula came behind there were some anomalies in a cervical cells.

They pronounced it was tellurian papilloma pathogen (HPV). I’d never had that before so we knew that he had given it to me. That repelled me and finished me aroused – we had to have medicine to mislay a aberrant cells and we didn’t know if it would swell into cancer or not.

I wondered if we should advise a other dual women. we went behind by a 9 months’ of Philippe’s cellphone annals that we had, perplexing to find them again. we would call numbers and whenever a lady answered, we would ask, “Are we saying Philippe Padieu?” and if they pronounced “Yes,” we would say, “Well, we need to speak to we a small bit.”

I found 9 other women who were also saying him that way.

Some of them were angry, some of them hung adult on me, some of them were unequivocally interested, and some of them were elegant – we got all kinds of opposite responses.

A lady who had been saying Philippe, who lived tighten to him, was so indignant that she and we motionless to accommodate with another integrate of women. We had utterly an engaging lunch comparing annals and we took a design of ourselves creation an pornographic gesticulate and sent it to him.

There was another lady who we contacted after on. We met during a small jazz bar. She’d been saying Philippe 3 times a week for about a-year-and-a-half.

She did not have an disdainful attribute with him, though she was watchful for that to happen, we think. we told her all that had happened to me – how regretful things had been with us for years, how we were building a residence together, how we were going to pierce in together though thereafter pennyless up. we told her about a HPV and that we was stability to have health problems.

She listened unequivocally earnestly to what we had to say.

I said, “This is your preference and if we wish to continue to see him thereafter that’s your business,” and we suspicion that would be a final time we would talk.

Three months after we got a call from a health dialect who pronounced that we indispensable to come in for testing. we panicked given we had been carrying a lot of health problems in serve to a aberrant cervical smear.

I had kept Philippe’s phone in box somebody called and we could advise them too. we looked during it again after we was contacted by a health dialect and beheld that a final chairman to call it was a lady that I’d met during a jazz bar.

I called her and we said, “I usually got a call from a health department, what can we tell me about this?”

She pronounced 4 difference that we will never forget: “We need to talk.”

Media captionDiane Reeve describes a impulse she schooled that her partner had putrescent her with HIV

She had continued to see Philippe after we’d met though she’d thereafter motionless to mangle it off. She’d started to worry about intimately transmitted diseases and had left to get tested. Her alloy had called her and told her that there was bad news, she was vital with HIV.

At that indicate we usually knew that all that we had left by over a final 6 months – a health problems, not carrying any energy, things that we had attributed to removing a small bit comparison – all these nonplus pieces propitious together and we knew what we was facing.

The subsequent day we had an appointment with my gynaecologist and they took some blood. The following day they called me with a results.

“Diane, I’m sorry. It’s positive.”

I forsaken a phone and fell to my knees. we suspicion we was going to die.

I had not followed HIV closely – we remembered when there was no cure, and we knew that there was medicine now, though we didn’t unequivocally know how effective it was. And we knew that we was really, unequivocally sick.

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Diane Reeve today

That was Jan 2007.

When we went for serve contrast we found out that we had Aids. That means that your defence complement is shop-worn to a indicate that we are unequivocally unprotected to illness. Your physique usually won’t quarrel behind given a pathogen has shop-worn a cells that quarrel off infection.

I had health word given we was self-employed; we had usually altered policies about dual months before we got a diagnosis. There was a disclaimer during a finish of a slight that said, “Please be wakeful that we do not cover HIV,” that we had sealed happily, given we knew we didn’t have HIV. Except dual months after we found out that we did.

So we had word that did not compensate for HIV and a medicine was about $2,000 (£1,500) a month and we couldn’t means it.

Almost immediately after removing a formula we went to counselling. we unequivocally indispensable some assistance to slight things. we was terribly depressed, we was unequivocally aroused and we was homicidally angry.

I motionless to speak again to a lady I’d met during a jazz bar. We cried together, and we got indignant together. When she had got her diagnosis she’d immediately called Philippe to let him know. He’d said: “Hey, no large deal, everybody dies of something. Why don’t we usually go and live your life and leave me alone?”

It was a unequivocally peculiar greeting for someone who should have been shocked.

We suspected that Philippe had given it to both of us and we suspicion there had to be something that could be finished about it. We did some investigate and within weeks of my diagnosis we motionless to record a military report.

We wanted a military to stop him. We wanted them to find out if he indeed did lift a pathogen and we wanted to find out if there was something that we could do to keep him from spiteful other women.

The military were unequivocally sensitive and bargain though pronounced that given there were usually dual of us we weren’t going to be means to infer it. But if 4 or 5 women came forward, they said, thereafter they competence be means to get a district profession to take a look.

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Diane Reeve

We went behind by a cellphone records. The initial chairman we called was a lady who lived in Philippe’s community that I’d met earlier. She got tested and was also diagnosed with HIV.

She helped us by examination a residence and essay down looseness image numbers of cars that were in Philippe’s drive overnight. We were kept flattering bustling given he was with a opposite lady any night, it was incredible.

I had a crony that could run a looseness tags and get a name and address, and once we had that we would go and revisit them.

Altogether, we found 13 women who were diagnosed with HIV.

I was ravaged that this had been going on for so long. I’d been saying Philippe given 2002, though some of a women we talked to pre-dated me and with a opposite automobile in a drive any night large women had been exposed.

As a box progressed, a military dialect and a DA started to get involved.

To try to infer that Philippe knew that he had been diagnosed a military set adult what is called a stratagem phone call. we sat during a military hire and called him to try to get him to acknowledge that he knew that he was vital with HIV. It didn’t go unequivocally well.

He said, “How a BLEEP did we get this number?” and it went downhill from there.

I said, “Hey, we listened that we weren’t feeling good and we was usually job to check on you,” and he hung adult on me.

There was a lady during a health dialect who was assisting us lane down a women. I’d asked her, “Have we ever seen this guy?” though 0 rang a bell.

Then we remembered that Philippe infrequently used an alias, a name Phil White, and she remembered that. The timeframe that she’d seen him was around a same time that we remembered promulgation him to a alloy given he felt like he had kidney stones.

I thought, “I consternation if that’s when he got that diagnosis?”

It was 2005, about a year-and-a-half before we pennyless up. He had left to a alloy and had some tests done.

I had paid for that medical diagnosis so we pulled those cheques and took them to a district profession – that was a initial time we ever saw her smile. The cheques gave her “probable cause” to summons a medical annals – that she did. Without that it would have been unequivocally formidable if not unfit to obtain them, due to remoteness laws – and that’s how we valid that he’d been diagnosed with HIV.

Of a 13 women we found who were diagnosed with HIV usually 5 concluded to attest in court, given of a tarnish compared with a virus. We shaped a support organisation and were means to accommodate during my residence on a slight basis. We all got by it together.

One ground for going by with it was that a state of Texas will compensate for medical caring that is indispensable as a outcome of a crime, and they were prosecuting Philippe for “assault with a lethal weapon”.

It was a prolonged process, 5 to 6 months, of us tracking down women. Just about any day of a week we were on stake-out. It was burdensome – we still had Aids – though we were dynamic to stop him doing this to anybody else.

The hearing finally began in 2009, 3 years after Philippe and we had damaged adult and dual years after my diagnosis.

The district profession had warned us that we would be raked over a coals, that anything that Philippe knew about us that was unwashed washing would be aired in public. Although we was prepared for it, we didn’t know that it was going to be as heartless as it was – we was on a mount for about an hour, though we got by it.

After a sentencing, we collected all of a friends and families together and we distinguished given we knew he was not going to be means to harm anybody else again.

Philippe never took responsibility. He pronounced that it was me that gave everybody HIV, that was apparently ridiculous – we found a lady in Michigan who he had transmitted HIV to in 1997. And we also did a DNA investigate that was unequivocally good tranquil and scientifically proven that showed that a pathogen that was in any of us had a common source – and Philippe was a common source.

I think that he had intentionally been transmitting HIV to women for years before we met him, and that a 2005 diagnosis was not his first.

I have struggled with a redemption thing, though I’m during assent about it because, frankly, we took a lemon conditions and finished it into lemonade.

But one of a things that we resent many about what Philippe did to me and a other women is that he broken my ability to trust and that creates relations unequivocally hard. I’m operative my approach past it, though it’s been a prolonged struggle.

I’m unequivocally propitious that we have a good attribute now with somebody who understands and loves me and accepts me. We initial started saying any other in 2008 and we disclosed to him on a second date. we started great and he hold me and said, “It’s OK, my hermit died of Aids,” and that was a unequivocally recovering knowledge for me.

The medicine has come so distant that it’s one tablet a day now for many people – I’ve been on one tablet a day for a prolonged time. we have undetectable viral bucket that means a pathogen is not detectable in my blood. It’s been shown that if we are a vital with HIV and we have an undetectable viral bucket consistently over 6 months there is 0 delivery risk – that was a diversion changer for all of us.

I’m still in hit with a lot of a other women. we went to a Grand Canyon on vacation with one of them final year – a lady from a jazz bar.

If we had not met her she would have never suspicion to get tested and if she had not given my name to a health dialect we would have never gotten tested. We severely saved any other’s lives.

Written by Sarah McDermott

Philippe Padieu was convicted of 6 depends of aggravated attack with a lethal arms – his corporeal liquid – and condemned to 45 years in prison.

Standing Strong: An Unlikely Sisterhood and a Court Case that Made History by Diane Reeve is published by Health Communications.

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