My Natural Travel Packing List (and Tips)


natural transport make-up list

natural transport make-up list

I’m roving so many these days (often by myself, suppose that!) that I’ve combined a complement to make certain we always have what we need when I’m divided from home. From brief two-day business trips to longer investigate trips my idea is always a same: have all we need and customarily what we need.

It’s taken some hearing and blunder to slight down to my essential transport make-up list, though we consider we finally have it down. Hopefully a look inside my enclosure will give we some ideas for your possess healthy transport enclosure a subsequent time you’re make-up for a trip.

Pack Light to Make Travel Easier

Ever felt like we wear a same few pairs of favorite garments for days on finish during home though afterwards when it comes time to enclosure for transport we unexpected come prepared for a conform uncover and a apocalypse? we used to tumble plant to that too though got sleepy of carrying all of a additional rigging and schooled to minimize.

Through systems, we schooled to minimize my packing. Now, we can go roughly anywhere with only a tiny carry-on, including a three-week outing to Italy final year. There are exceptions, of course. My outing to Finland compulsory thick sleet rigging and boots that positively wouldn’t fit in a lift on! But brief of arctic temperatures, a carry-on bag is customarily sufficient.

Clothing options change depending on end and generation though many of a other things are constant. For instance, we keep a healthy personal caring enclosure already packaged and in a TSA-approved toiletry bag during all times. we keep prepared to enclosure kits of remedies and makeup as well.

Note: This post contains associate links to a products we use and love. The cost is a same for we though helps support a blog and podcast, that hopefully is a win-win! As always, appreciate we for your support!

Packing List: Luggage Options

I have twin categorical bags that we use depending on a trip:

  1. An ultra-light rolling carry-on bag for many domestic trips
  2. A duffle-style drum bag with pockets for many general trips
  3. Lightweight trek for laptop and gear
  4. Crossbody purse that binds my camera, gear, etc. when needed

These stay in my closet and are prepared to go whenever we need them.

Natural Personal Care Packing List

At home we hang to healthy personal caring products and we didn’t wish to give this adult when we travel. we combined systems to make my personal caring products transport ready. The advantage to DIY and healthy products is that many of them are twin purpose and can take adult reduction room!

Here’s what we keep in my ready-to-go toiletry bag:

  • Skincare– we transport with Alitura Naturals bullion serum, physique lotion, and essential oil formed fragrance. (Use formula “wellness” to save 20%.)
  • Deodorant– a 2-ounce enclosure of Crunchy Betty Kokomo Cream Deodorant I keep in my transport enclosure and it lasts for months and months.
  • Branch Basics Foamer– Not graphic though we always keep a tiny foamer bottle of Branch Basics in my transport enclosure for treating stains, stealing makeup, soaking my face, or even as shampoo in a pinch.
  • Shampoo– At home we mostly use homemade though we transport with an EWG-verified healthy shampoo in a tiny refillable bottle.
  • Dry Shampoo– For palliate when traveling, we keep my homemade dry shampoo in an aged makeup enclosure and use a makeup brush to request it.
  • Toothbrush and brushing blend– For compress transport we possibly move a tiny jar of my possess homemade toothpaste or some brushing mix from OraWellness along with their Bass brush.

Remedies and Supplements Packing List

Knowing that airports and airplanes are mostly some of a dirtiest places, we make certain to lift remedies with me to equivocate removing sick. The low air, engorgement of bacteria, and deviation in a craft make it an generally easy place to locate something.

To equivocate that, we enclosure some specific remedies:

  • Propolis– Natural Bee Propolis Spray is my #1 go-to transport remedy. we always use this while drifting and anytime we feel a cold entrance on. It’s a healthy anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibacterial piece that can be used for all from sniffles to burns.
  • CBD– Another pill we always lift when roving is Ojai CBD. It helps me stay loose and mostly nap on a craft and has many other advantages as well.
  • Probiotics and K2-7– we don’t take many supplements when we transport though there are a few that always make it into my bag. Just Thrive probiotics and K2-7 always make a cut. The probiotics are a many effective I’ve ever attempted and we always keep them on palm for travel. It helps equivocate any digestive dissapoint from dishes we don’t routinely eat and keeps digestion normal. (Plus, they are histamine and allergen giveaway as good as vegan). The K2-7 is also vegan and allergy protected and helps keep inflammation during bay. To preserve space, we keep these in tiny reusable bags.
  • Charcoal– we keep a bottle of coconut bombard activated colourless in my transport bag for use while flying, before drinking, and if we eat anything that could be contaminated. I’ve also handed out many of these on trips where people got food poisoning or had dissapoint stomachs from eating food in other countries.
  • Skin Salve– Curoxen initial assist salve is totally healthy and tests improved than Neosporin and other products for murdering germ and safeguarding teenager cuts. we keep this on palm for any kind of skin exasperation when traveling.
  • Green Drink– I’d customarily rather discerning than eat discerning food (see what we did there?) during an airport. But I’ve started carrying Organifi Green Drink packets (15% off with formula WELLNESSMAMA) when we transport so we have a discerning dish splash on a go when we land. They also make a good breakfast.
  • Colloidal Silver– A tiny bottle of colloidal china is my go-to for cleaning scrapes and cuts, for teenager illnesses, and for ear/eye tenderness or infection.
  • Genexa Saline Remedies– Saline mist is a long-used pill for sniffles, cold, and flu. There’s also justification that we’re some-more expected to get ill when a nasal passages dry out, and dry aeroplane atmosphere speeds adult this process. we keep a bottle of Genexa’s salty mist in my purse when roving to use before and after a flight. we also always have a bottle of one of their other remedies with me for jet lag, sleep, colds or stress.

Tips to Stay Healthy on a Plane

As we mentioned, it’s easy to get ill on a plane. we go by my full slight for staying healthy while drifting in this post, though in brief these are a stairs we take to equivocate throwing anything on a plane, if possible:

  1. Fast before and on a flight, generally on brief flights.
  2. Take colourless pre-flight.
  3. Spray propolis in my throat before removing on a plane.
  4. Take CBD on a craft to keep highlight levels low.
  5. Slice some uninformed ginger and put in a H2O bottle so we can supplement prohibited H2O during a airfield for a uninformed drink.
  6. Spend time outdoor in uninformed atmosphere and work adult a persperate once we land.

Tech Packing List

I transport possibly for business or on family trips. In both cases, we take some tech rigging with me anywhere we go so we can keep adult with blog things on a road. This list will be opposite for everyone, though given some of we have asked, this is what always creates my tech kit:

  • Computer, Phone, and Chargers (self explanatory!)
  • Kindle + Books– we never suspicion I’d make a switch from earthy books (which we love) to an e-reader like a Kindle. But for travel, I’ve found that a portability and preference can’t be beat. we mostly only download investigate books and arriving podcast guests’ books so we can get a lot of work finished on planes.
  • Oura Ring– This nap and health tracking ring gives profitable discernment like how good we slept, heart rate variability, physique temperature, and activity. I’ve been means to locate a teenager illness before it strike many times by saying my physique temp rising somewhat on my Oura app. It’s also fascinating to see how my nap adapts when we change mixed time zones.
  • Camera– For years, we only used a camera on my phone. Now, I’ve upgraded to a compress though extraordinary FujiFilm X-T20 so we can fire blog photos when traveling. Most people substantially don’t need a specific camera and it does take adult a decent volume of room so if I’m roving unequivocally light we still hang to my phone for pictures. we also keep a unstable tripod in my backpack.
  • External Battery Charging Bank– For prolonged transport days but entrance to a plug, we keep this outmost battery with me.

Other Things we Always Pack

  • Flashlight
  • Comfortable nap mask
  • Electrical fasten – for covering lights in hotel bedrooms or taping fate together
  • Water bottle
  • Lightweight headband – Doubles as a light blanket, baby wrap, nursing cover, and even palm towel in a pinch.

Your turn! What is on your make-up list for travel? What did we forget?


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