My Take on New Year’s Resolutions (+ The Best of 2018)


Why we dont make new year resolutions and what we do instead

Why we dont make new year resolutions and what we do instead

I’m going to share a tiny tip … I’m unequivocally competitive. (Like, really.) My father is a same way. So you’d cruise we’d be good during New Year’s resolutions, right?

Not so much! Let me explain why…

New Year’s Resolutions: Yay or Nay?

Of march I’m not opposite a suspicion of self-improvement (far from it) and I’m in full support of sourroundings New Year’s resolutions if it works for you. It became apparent that we indispensable something opposite for a family after a few years of perplexing to set and keep New Year’s resolutions together.

I’m a initial one to contend that softened habits are value a bid and that clever daily routines go a prolonged approach toward a successful outcome. Still, if you’re like me and winning is critical (maybe too important), goal-setting has a intensity to be frustrating.

My common downward turn when it comes to New Year’s resolutions (or resolutions in general) goes something like this:

  1. I cruise too vast and punch off some-more than we can chew.
  2. I get insane during myself when we don’t accomplish a suspicion as we suspicion we would.
  3. Therefore, we don’t wish to make new resolutions.

My intentions, while admirable, were not removing me too far. Time for a new approach!

Out with New Year’s Resolutions… in With Experiments!

Since my father is a accurate same way, one year we had a assembly of a minds (over a potion of wine, of course) and motionless to take some vigour off of New Year’s resolutions. That year, instead of resolutions, we would try experiments.

In box we were anticipating for something some-more revolutionary, hear me out…

First, let’s demeanour during a clarification of “resolution”:

  1. a organisation preference to do or not to do something
  2. the movement of elucidate a problem, dispute, or quarrelsome matter

Now let’s review “experiment”:

  1. a systematic procession undertaken to make a discovery, exam a hypothesis, or denote a famous fact
  2. a march of movement tentatively adopted though being certain of a contingent outcome

Doesn’t one sound a tiny some-more motivating (and fun) than a other?

We totally owe Tim Ferriss for a impulse for a initial approach:

“I like pulling myself to a extent and pulling a envelope, and in my mind that is not unequivocally concordant with a arguable long-term plan,” says Ferriss. “I generally yield my life as six-month projects and two-week experiments of several types. Then we take a many appealing doorway that pops up, and rinse and repeat.”

Calling a goals “experiments” (we also call them “challenges” during times) builds fad about a slight and keeps a concentration on a training slight some-more than a finish result. We make a supposition about what will occur and see what we can learn from a experience… no winning or losing involved.

It might sound like a easy approach out though these experiments fit a some-more heated personalities in a residence given they concede us to have laser concentration for a shorter duration of time. Or, we can usually have fun with it and see where it leads, depending on what a family needs during a time.

Ideas for a Healthy New Year ( How to Stay Motivated)

So how to start “experimenting” with a good 2019? Here are some favorite experiments and hurdles we’ve attempted over a years (and we share a full list of mini-goals for a New Year in this podcast if you’re interested):

1. Keep a Journal

If there’s any one approach to make certain changes (and keep them), creation long-term things many some-more accomplishable on a smaller scale and on a daily basement is a place to start. This is where a daily biography comes in.

Research shows that journaling reduces highlight and has a genuine impact on complacency and earthy health. I’ve always kept some kind of journal, though this year for a consequence of investigate and a bunch of new health routines we devise to try, I’m experimenting with removing a many some-more minute journaling slight going, such as:

  • things I’m beholden for
  • a health design of a day (what we ate, exercise, how I’m feeling, etc.)
  • my daily to-do list
  • a plea list (more on that in my 2019 New Year’s podcast)

One of my favorite ways to conduct my to-do list is to collect a dual many critical things for a day, any day. (Something besides apparently feeding my family and gripping adult with a household, etc.) If all we can get finished is those dual many critical things, afterwards we can cruise that day a success!

2. Take a Detox Baby Step

I’m mostly asked how we “do it all,” and a answer is… a tiny during a time! The recipes and health articles we see on a blog came to be over 10+ years of experiments, trials, and fake starts. I’ve common my successes, though as my kids would be all too happy to tell you… there were copiousness of failures along a way!

This is given we designed my Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox book to offer baby stairs that let we tackle a tiny during a time, in a area of life that matters many to you. Whether it’s your food, cleaning products, makeup and beauty products, or even your mental health that we wish to declutter and make healthier, there’s a step that will assistance with that (in a approach that’s not strenuous or unrealistic).

Some baby stairs to start on (covered in fact in a book):

  • Replace required cleaners and detergents with healthy ones (get 15% off my favorite starter pack during Branch Basics with formula MAMA15)
  • Swap out cosmetic cups, plates, or silverware for nontoxic alternatives
  • Clear a mental confusion and reconnect by sourroundings a digital day off (use a kitchen protected if we have to).

3. Write adult (or Refine) a Family Manifesto

Years ago we detected a energy of a family declaration to figure a family culture. It keeps flourishing and changing as a family does, though we’re unequivocally conscious about posterior those goals.

I’ve explained some-more about what’s in a family declaration elsewhere, though a vast suspicion in a family is to lift kids with an entrepreneurial mindset. This is something that is very important to both my father and myself. We try to give them opportunities to cruise outward of a box given with a approach some things in a universe and sourroundings are headed, we need people who can tackle and solve these problems.

Once we narrowed down to a a core values that unequivocally conclude and excite us, we put it in writing. Visual reminders like these wall quotes assistance keep us focused on what unequivocally matters to a family.

4. Conduct a Sleep Experiment

Having difficulty squeezing down to usually one thing to tackle this year? What if we told we usually one thing could assistance your physique revive and heal, umpire hormone production, boost your mood, and assist in weight loss? Yep, sleep! Plus it’s free (or roughly free)!

Of march as moms there are many situations that make it tough to get adequate sleep, though when even usually one missed night of nap can give we a blood sugarine levels of a diabetic or pre-diabetic, it’s an area to take seriously.

One thing we can control even as a mom is my nap sourroundings and this is a good place to start experimenting. we go into accurately what we do in this post, though some additional things to try are:

  • avoiding blue light a few hours before nap (or wear orange glasses)
  • lowering a heat during night
  • using black-out fate (and ditching nightlights)
  • investing in a good peculiarity mattress
  • exposure to outside light for during slightest 30 mins in a morning (or use a object lamp)

Sleep softened and you’re already off to a good start in 2019!

5. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

It sounds cliché, though cultivating thankfulness as a daily robe is maybe even some-more critical than any fortitude or experiment, given it’s a tip to fighting highlight and staying motivated. The indicate here is to keep from falling into a trap of thinking, “If usually we had XYZ, I’d be happy,” or, “If usually we didn’t have to understanding with ABC, I’d be happy.” This is a flattering infamous cycle.

I love this TED speak from Shawn Anchor where he points out that thankfulness and complacency are a initial step and not a end result. So creation a choice to be happy and have thankfulness is not usually healthy, though it can urge opening and success as well! Sometimes usually essay down what we’re beholden for (and revelation others we’re beholden for them too) is all we need to comprehend we’re doing usually fine.

2018: A Wellness Mama Year in Review

Resolutions aside, we do value this time of year for reflecting on all we’ve finished and accomplished. The final 525,600 mins have been busy, hectic, hard, amazing, rewarding, and so many other things all rolled into one crazy year and I’m so beholden that we got to spend it with all of you!

To applaud some of a things that make life easier (hooray!), I’m pity some a best healthy vital resources and hacks we found in 2018 (and I’d adore to hear yours in a comments as well).

Highlight of 2018: Working With My Best Friend!

Heather Dessinger Wellness Mama

Heather Dessinger Wellness Mama2018 will go down in a books as one of my unequivocally favorite years, given it’s a one when Heather and we motionless to join forces! Now we have total excuses to hang out (you know, in a name of health research) and make even softened calm for all of you.

You’ll see some-more changes entrance on a site soon, and interjection for your calm as we navigate all a technical details and outs of formulating a new and softened Wellness Mama!

Biggest Lesson Learned: Hurricane Michael

How to Stay Safe in a Disaster- Emergency Preparedness List

How to Stay Safe in a Disaster- Emergency Preparedness ListIt was a genuine exam this year sitting in a corridor of a hotel and examination a predictions that a trail of a charge would make landfall accurately where we lived. Trying to select thankfulness in that moment, even realizing all we owned could be gone, was unequivocally difficult.

At a same time, it done me comprehend some-more than ever how a many critical things are people we adore and how tiny else we unequivocally need.

Our residence was spared, though with a extinction still in many areas around us, there’s a prolonged highway forward for a area. It’s fantastic how people here are pulling together to assistance any other and we won’t ever forget this doctrine about a significance of community.

Favorite Christmas Memory: Handmade Gifts

Natural and DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Natural and DIY Christmas Gift IdeasNo matter how we try to keep them little, my kids usually keep removing older. Many of them are starting to hoop gifting on their own. we desired saying how many of them chose to give handmade gifts this year. I’ll delight these gifts some-more than anything that could come from a store, and interjection to online courses from Udemy, some of them were finish surprises we didn’t even know they could make!

Biggest Health Game-Changer: SteadyMD

I wrote a lot this year about what we use for health care, and we’ve done some vast changes for a better. My family alloy is now usually a content divided interjection to a use called SteadyMD. They asked me a array of questions about a lifestyle and health preferences and matched any chairman in a family to a best alloy for them. Our SteadyMD docs are on call 24/7, and cave even specializes in Hashimoto’s (since he has it himself).

We use a family devise so we can content or call a alloy about all of a bumps, scrapes, sprains, and puzzling rashes (oh, a rashes!) that seem to come with carrying kids.

p.s. If you’ve ever suspicion about regulating a health-sharing method or use in place of insurance, we write about a (very positive) knowledge with Samaritan here.

My Favorite New Gadget: The Oura Ring

The Easiest Way to Track HRV, Sleep and Movement with Oura Ring

The Easiest Way to Track HRV, Sleep and Movement with Oura RingI’ve stayed divided from nap trackers and Fitbits until now given we didn’t like a suspicion of wearing wireless technology… until we found a Oura Ring! Unlike other trackers, a Oura Ring works in aeroplane mode. It’s impossibly accurate too. we can set aptness goals, lane my heart rate, get a perspective of my earthy activity, investigate nap patterns, and even lane my cycle.

Runners Up:

  • Myobuddy (my 2017 pick)
  • EMF Kill Switch
  • Instant Pot

Best Beauty Product: Alitura Naturals

Why we Don't Make New Year's Resolutions  What we Do Instead

Why we Don't Make New Year's Resolutions  What we Do InsteadJust when we suspicion I’d polished my facial routine, we found a skincare line that blows all I’ve ever attempted out of a water. Alitura Naturals creates products that use all of a best organic skincare mixture like jojoba oil, rosehip oil, bee propolis, astaxanthin, neroli oil, and more. we interviewed Alitura owner Andy Hnilo in this podcast, and a story behind his association is so inspiring.

Runners Up:

  • MadeOn Lotion Bars (and all of their products)
  • Kokomo Cream Natural Deodorant

Best New Health Product for Kids: Genexa

I can’t even tell we how vehement we am that there is now a natural, organic, color and preservative-free line of over-the-counter medicines during a dilemma pharmacy. It’s fundamentally what I’ve dreamed about for years. we use Genexa’s Sleepology when a kids can’t sleep, Allergy-D for anniversary allergies, and their Cold Crush and salty mist to disencumber congestion… though a whole line is amazing. Check them out here.

Runner Up:

  • Ready, Set, Food! – Only in a runner-up difficulty given it is for a some-more singular difficulty of babies ages 4-11 months, though this is a break-through new product all moms should know about, especially if we worry about your children building food allergies.

Favorite New Recipe

Pho recipe in a Instant Pot

Pho recipe in a Instant PotI’ve always favourite recreating my favorite grill dishes during home, though this was a year we polished some of my favorite “at-home take-out” dishes (and saved a lot of income in a process):

  • Homemade Pho
  • Butter Chicken
  • Thai Curry Chicken

Favorite Snack On a Go: PaleoValley Beef Sticks

Hands down, my favorite kid-friendly break in a cupboard are these PaleoValley beef sticks. Unlike a lot of other snacks they broach a plain sip of protein and keep kids confident until we get to where we’re going. They’re also organic, grass-fed, and shelf-stable though preservatives interjection to a healthy distillation process. My kids’ favorite flavors are a Original and a Summer Sausage.

Runners up:

  • Phat Fudge packs
  • Good Culture lodge cheese
  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo on flattering many anything (it’s delicious!)

Summer Meal Plan

Summer Meal Plan

Best Time-Saver in a Kitchen: Real Plans

Without a doubt, a apparatus that saves me a many time in a kitchen is Real Plans for dish planning. The Instant Pot saves me a many time in cooking, though Real Plans saves time formulation and selling (and it has many Instant Pot recipes too!). My favorite part? It is so easy to use that we can devise all from my phone while watchful during child activities!

Word of a Year

I’m gripping my word of a year from 2018 given we cruise it’s still wise — “community.” It couldn’t be more fitting as I’m perplexing to concentration on building clever village in a home, a city, and here on a blog. What is your word this year? If we need ideas, try this word of a year generator for a kickstart!

Giving Back in 2018…

From a unequivocally beginning, a idea of Wellness Mama has been to assistance other families live healthier lives and commission moms (and dads) with unsentimental ways to accomplish this.

I feel like a idea to assistance relatives yield healthy food for their families doesn’t stop in my possess village or even usually in a blogging village as there is such a need for this internationally.

Did we know?

If you’ve ever clicked a couple on a site and done a squeeze from there, you’ve helped keep adult and running, and a commission of that is also donated to charities that yield tolerable food and H2O sources worldwide. Thank we so many if you’ve helped support my blog in this approach and also helped support many others worldwide.

Reviewing a numbers today, a giving is a genuine thing that I’m many vehement about and many unapproachable of. Over a years, the Wellness Mama Community… YOU… have helped yield equipment to families in need all over a world.

These gifts not usually yield food or wardrobe to those in need, though in many cases, also a tolerable food or H2O source and a approach for a family to acquire an income.

Over a years, you’ve helped give:

  • 2000 pounds of non-perishable foods
  • 840 chickens for eggs, beef and income for families
  • 72 pigs for food and income for families
  • 12 goats for food and income for families
  • 4 donkeys for travel and tilling
  • 3 water pumps that any yield H2O to a village
  • 4 beehives for food and income for families
  • 20 fruit trees so that families can grow a fruit and sell
  • 10 pairs of work boots so farmers can work safely
  • 5 sets of rural collection for tiny farmers
  • 10 vast coolers for fishermen to store fish to sell
  • 8 sewing machines and thread/material for women to open sewing businesses
  • plus medical reserve and propagandize reserve for children around a world

These things were donated by Food for a Poor in box we wish to send some chickens to someone in need this year 🙂

I’ve always been a vast follower in a “teach a male to fish” mentality, and giving in this approach not usually provides food or H2O for someone one time, though helps other families to start their possess businesses and yield food for their children regularly.

Because during a finish of a day:

We’re All in This Together…

Again, appreciate we so many for reading, for being a partial of a Wellness Mama community, and for pity in a idea of providing a healthier destiny for a children.

In 2019 we wish you’ll join me in one of my personal goals: to let go of a stress, expectations, and perfectionism that seem to go palm in palm with complicated motherhood. To set a good instance for my children and learn them a coping skills to conduct highlight as they get older.

If this sounds like a lofty goal, it’s usually given it’s one I’ve been operative on for years. we can finally contend I’m during a indicate where I’m vouchsafing go of aged habits and convincing my Type-A driven celebrity to make self-care and self-compassion a priority.

I’ll be articulate about these things a lot some-more on a blog this year, and pity a systems and habits that have done a disproportion for me. Hopefully what I’ve gifted will assistance some of you, and I’m certain you’ll have ideas for me!

Happy New Year 2019, Wellness Mamas!

I might be a strange Wellness Mama, though a law is all of we make this village what it is — a clan of moms acid for softened ways to caring for ourselves and a families. I’m respected to be on a tour with all of you, and we wish any of we a unequivocally peaceful, happy, and healthy 2019!

Do we make New Year’s resolutions? What works or doesn’t work for your family? I’d adore to hear your ideas for experiments, challenges, or resolutions!


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