‘New mums need to be given improved health education’


Michelle and George Roach

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George Roach says grief for his mother Michelle “fills each part” of his life

New mothers need some-more preparation about a dangers of pulmonary embolisms, according to a male whose mother died 6 weeks after giving birth.

Michelle Roach, from Bracknell, died from a blocked blood vessel in her lung in 2014.

A coroner ruled on Friday that both a GP and sanatorium staff had missed opportunities to provide Mrs Roach.

Her father George Roach told a BBC mothers indispensable to be given some-more preparation after giving birth.

He said: “I don’t consider new mothers are given adequate information about what a pulmonary embolism is, a signs and symptoms to demeanour for.

“Women are withdrawal sanatorium and they are never told about it, they don’t know about it, they don’t know what to demeanour for.”

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Mrs Roach died 6 weeks after a birth of her daughter McKenzie-Lee

Mrs Roach, who had been diagnosed with high blood vigour and asthma, gave birth to her initial child, McKenzie-Lee on 17 Dec 2013.

Six weeks later, she collapsed and died following dual cardiac arrests in a Royal Berkshire Hospital’s AE department.

Mr Roach said: “People contend grief fades over time, it’s rubbish, it doesn’t.

“It fills each partial of your life, a whole lot, it touches everything.”

At an inquisition final week, coroner Heidi Connor ruled GP and sanatorium staff had mislaid “vital hours” to save Mrs Roach.

Mr Roach pronounced he had refused to “live in anger” and focused on bringing adult a couple’s daughter, who is now 5 years old.

“You can tumble into sourness and anger, we did go by a lot of that, we don’t have it any more,” he said.

“With a 5 year old, relocating brazen in general, we can’t stay there. we have to consider there is something opposite now so we have to pierce in that direction.

“Kenzie knows who her silent was. we motionless not to censor it from her, so she knows her silent died, she knows her silent has left to heaven.”


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