NHS bosses demeanour to renovate cancer screening


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Cancer screening programmes are to be reviewed following high-profile mistakes that have put thousands of patients in England during risk.

NHS England has asked former supervision cancer tsar Sir Mike Richards to demeanour during what changes are needed.

Three inhabitant schemes cover breast, cervical and bowel cancers.

On Wednesday, it emerged letters about a cervical cancer tests that should have left to 40,000 women between Jan and Jun had not been sent.

About 4,000 of them were formula of tests, a residue were letters mouth-watering them for screening or reminding them tests were due.

Between 150 and 200 of a exam formula that were not sent out minute aberrant results.

NHS bosses have been means to strike all those affected.

  • Cervical screening strike by ‘appalling’ blunder
  • Millions of women skip out on allegation tests
  • Breast indicate blunder ‘shortened adult to 270 lives’

The use in assign of distributing letters is supposing for NHS England by Capita.

Looking during a merits of outsourcing screening was going to form partial of a review, NHS England said.

The problems come only months after it emerged 174,000 women had not been invited for breast cancer screening, after mistakes had left undetected for years.

That use was not outsourced.

Sir Mike has also been asked to demeanour during either a programmes are creation sufficient use of record and either a age ranges for a forms of screening being offering is right.

“There is no doubt that screening programmes save thousands of lives each year,” he said.

“However, as partial of implementing a NHS’s prolonged tenure plan, we wish to make certain they are as effective as possible.”

The formula of a examination are approaching by a summer of subsequent year.


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