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Silk mantle prescriptions for people with eczema and rash cost a health use in England some-more than £1.2m a year

NHS England has announced skeleton to quell a remedy of “low-priority” equipment like silk garments.

There is singular justification a wardrobe helps people with eczema and rash adequate to clear prescribing it, a conference request says.

Officials are proposing holding 8 equipment off a NHS remedy list underneath skeleton directed during saving £68m a year.

Others embody an acne remedy and diabetes products.

The items, that are deemed to be of comparatively low clinical effectiveness, to have cheaper options accessible or to be of “low priority” for funding, are:

  • Silk panoply – for eczema and dermatitis
  • Aliskiren – used to provide blood pressure
  • Amiodarone – to provide aberrant heart rhythms
  • Bath and showering balm preparations – to provide eczema and dermatitis
  • Dronedarone – to provide a heart condition atrial fibrillation
  • Minocycline – to provide acne
  • Blood glucose contrast strips – for diabetes
  • Needles for pre-filled and reusable insulin pens – for diabetes

Many prescribers will not be astounded by a recommendations and have already started phasing out a items.

The health use in England spends some-more than £1.2m a year on prescriptions for silk garments, examples of that embody silk baby bodysuits, tot leggings, children’s pyjamas, gloves or tubular sleeves.

In a box of a diabetes contrast strips, needles and pens, officials are proposing that GPs allot some-more cost-effective alternatives rather than scrapping them.

NHS England has already systematic an finish to a slight prescribing of 18 low-value items, including homeopathy treatments and over-the-counter products such as paracetamol and cough medicines.

  • NHS no to dandruff and scour treatment
  • NHS targets suncream prescriptions for cuts

NHS England arch executive Simon Stevens said: “The NHS is one of a many fit health services in a universe but, as partial of a long-term devise for a NHS, we’re dynamic to make taxpayers’ income go serve and expostulate assets behind into front-line care.

“It is essential a NHS should not be profitable for anything that has been proven to be ineffectual or where there are safer or cheaper alternatives.”

The conference comes brazen of GPs being released with new superintendence subsequent week on gluten-free prescriptions.

While patients can still accept bread and gluten-free baking mixes underneath NHS prescriptions, they are no longer authorised for other foodstuffs such as pizzas, cakes and biscuits, NHS England said.

Officials combined that a NHS began appropriation gluten-free food products in a late 1960s, when accessibility was limited, though now a far-reaching accumulation of dishes is accessible in supermarkets.

The conference will run for 3 months from 28 Nov 2018 until 28 Feb 2019, after that corner commissioning superintendence is approaching to be published by NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners.

The National Eczema Society pronounced it was “vital for people with eczema to have entrance to a right balm products on prescription”.

A orator added: “We demeanour brazen to participating in a consultation.”


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