Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust stays ‘inadequate’


Hellesdon Hospital

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The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust is formed during Hellesdon Hospital in Norwich

The UK’s misfortune behaving mental health trust has been rated unsound for a third time, with patients perplexing to take their possess lives watchful for care.

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) had vulnerable strident wards and was severely understaffed.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) pronounced bosses regularly unsuccessful to strengthen patients and a gift has called for a supervision to intervene.

NSFT pronounced it was unhappy yet “determined to get things right”.

Inspectors found patients left unsupervised in segregation, a high suit of obligatory referrals downgraded unsafely and that unoccupied shifts led to 139 incidents in 6 months.

However, youth and child mental health wards were rated outstanding.

NSFT is a usually mental health trust in a nation to have been put into special measures, a step initial taken in Feb 2015. The trust came out of special measures in Oct 2016, usually to have that standing imposed again a year later.

Paul Farmer, from mental health gift Mind, said: “When a trust fails and afterwards fails again, we have to ask questions about what movement needs to be taken to change that.”

He pronounced a options accessible to a health secretary enclosed carrying tools of a use taken over by another mental health trust.

‘Inadequate, bad and shocking’

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Mearl Brown

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Nyall Brown took his possess life while underneath a caring of NSFT

Mearl Brown, from Cromer, sought assistance from a NSFT after his 19-year-old son Nyall initial attempted to take his possess life in January.

He pronounced a caring was disorganized and during one indicate a Brown family were suggested to find private medical assistance for their son.

Nyall went on to take his possess life in May.

Mr Brown described a family’s exchange with a trust as “inadequate, bad and shocking”.

The CQC’s lead for mental health, Dr Paul Lelliott, said: “Managers have not ensured that when things go wrong, they learn and share lessons to revoke a odds of a same thing function again.”

He pronounced issues initial lifted in 2014 had still not been entirely addressed.

“The trust caring group has not taken movement during a gait compulsory to move about postulated alleviation and to solve failings in safety,” he said.

The investigation physique pronounced it had asked NHS Improvement to support a trust to make evident changes to keep patients safe, and would be monitoring.

NSFT was rated unsound in a areas of safety, supervision and response.

It compulsory alleviation over a efficacy of a services yet was found to be good during being merciful in a caring for patients.

Antek Lejk, a trust’s arch executive, said: “Our priorities now will be to solve ongoing issues around entrance to services, watchful lists, caring formulation and staffing levels, while also creation certain we have a right systems in place to safeguard studious reserve during all times.”

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Norfolk MP Clive Lewis pronounced a conditions had turn a inhabitant disgrace

Labour MP Clive Lewis, whose subdivision is in Norwich, pronounced a reserve risks and problems during a trust had been famous about given during slightest 2014.

“This has turn a inhabitant disgrace. We are looking during a inhabitant and internal system-wide disaster of governance, commissioning, law and inspection,” he said.

“Unless we change course, we know accurately what’s entrance next. Senior trust house members will mouth a same platitudes about lessons being learnt and skeleton for change – even yet those same people have prolonged lane annals of disaster in several tools of a internal NHS.”

Mr Lewis pronounced a CQC had “the energy to put a trust into Special Administration and get absolved of this board”.

Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb, who was a health apportion in a bloc supervision and whose subdivision is also in Norfolk, pronounced it was “totally frightful for families and people affected”.

A Department of Health and Social Care orator said: “NHS Improvement is providing complete support to Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust to urge studious reserve and broach tolerable improvements. The conditions is being monitored closely and we design to see swell done in a entrance weeks.”


By Sophie Hutchinson, BBC News Health Correspondent

Today’s news by a Care Quality Commission catalogues a towering of failings.

It says poignant concerns lifted behind in 2014 had still not been addressed and that in some cases a trust had combined new risks.

This is a third investigation in 3 years that a trust has unsuccessful and it is in rare domain as a usually mental health trust to have been placed in special measures.

Now there are calls for radical and obligatory movement and for it to be placed in special administration.

That’s a NHS’s supposed disaster regime in that some tools of a trust or all of a trust are taken over.

It would need a involvement of a health secretary. It’s a magnitude of final review usually used twice before, yet many mental health experts and internal campaigners feel it is a usually approach to make these services safe.


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