Norfolk sanatorium children ‘reassured’ by Medibears


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The bears are propitious with inclination and dressings to uncover children what will occur during their treatment

A tea celebration and throng appropriation has lifted £200 to buy teddy bears to uncover immature sanatorium patients what happens during their treatment.

Staff during Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital bought a bears for children disturbed about medical procedures.

Toy medical inclination are propitious to a soothing toys to ease patients, generally those with training disabilities.

Five Medibears are propitious with inclination such as conference aids, cochlea implants, bandages and pacemakers.

Emma Chapman, children’s services matron, said: “The Medibears will support a work undertaken with children and immature people with a training incapacity when being prepared for specific procedures and to assistance them improved know what is going to occur to them.

“They are a really acquire further to a other resources accessible and will raise a work already being undertaken by a sanatorium play group and nursing teams.”

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Fiona Springall with Natalie, 10, who was being treated for a kidney infection and is graphic holding a Medibear and her possess favourite soothing toy

Fiona Springall, a children and immature person’s training incapacity dilettante nurse, said: “The bears assistance to normalise medical apparatus and assistance to revoke any worries they might have.

“Children can see and inspect a bear and that helps them feel gentle about carrying their procession done.”

The income was lifted by Sue Phillips, a member of staff, and her events also enclosed a raffle.

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Tegan, 10, has form 1 diabetes with her step-mother Cat Turley examining one of a Medibears

Cat Turley, who was visiting her 11-year-old step-daughter Tegan who was being treated for form 1 diabetes, pronounced a thought of carrying Medibears to reason and to inspect was “fantastic”.

“The Medibear is something that can be seen as being in a same conditions as them and they can play with it,” she said.

“That gives them some-more certainty in what can be a frightful conditions for a child.”


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