Paris ambulances’ ‘snail’ criticism brings city roads to a stop


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Paris ambulances took to a city’s ring highway – really solemnly – on Monday morning

The categorical Paris ring highway was slowed to a yield on Monday morning as hundreds of ambulances, sirens blaring, protested during changes to conditions.

Some 500 ambulances had already collected in Paris before rush hour on Monday as partial of a day of action.

A new law means that hospitals and clinics – rather than particular patients – will now select that ambulance use to use.

Many tiny operators contend that means they will no longer be means to compete.

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French media news that adult to 2,000 ambulances are approaching in sum via a day.

News opening France Bleu reported that there were some 400km (250 miles) of trade jams in a Ile-de-France segment by 09:00 internal time (08:00 GMT). The A4 motorway was also affected.

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Video of a protests posted on amicable media showed a tiny army of vehicles during a nearby delay on a customarily bustling categorical highway – any with their lights flashing and sirens on.

Many gimlet messages opposite a argumentative reforms on their sides and windows, and some paramedics left their vehicles to travel down a highway temperament placards.

Police also arrived during a stage in an try to transparent a blockages.

The movement is scheduled to continue until about 16:00, when a paramedics are due to accommodate in front of a method of health.

The remodel of ambulance and other health-related ride came into outcome on 1 October, that altered a approach paramedics were paid for their work.

Instead of patients selecting their provider, hospitals and other medical comforts will arrange ride for patients and compensate for it.

Many tiny eccentric firms contend they will not be means to contest in a open proposal routine opposite most incomparable operations, that might offer bulk discounts.

One paramedic, vocalization to BFMTV, pronounced that his organisation was already receiving distant fewer calls than it used to.


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