Partner of male who killed himself calls for mental health review

Media captionLuke Henderson died in Dec 2017

A Lanarkshire lady pronounced her partner took his possess life after seeking for medical assistance 8 times in a week heading adult to his death.

Karen McKeown claimed sanatorium staff discharged concerns about Luke Henderson’s mental state shortly before he killed himself.

Now she is job for a examination of mental health services in Scotland.

Ministers pronounced they wanted to revoke self-murder rates and Mr Henderson’s genocide was being investigated.

NHS Lanarkshire pronounced a examination and examination found a scold procedures had been followed.

  • Target to cut Scots self-murder rate by 20%
  • Suicide impediment ‘not a tip priority’
  • Two thirds of self-murder Scots ‘had a job’

Ms McKeown, from Motherwell, told a BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme that assistance was asked for “many times” before her partner died in Dec 2017.

“He was hallucinating, he was conference voices, he was observant things. He was really, unequivocally mentally unwell,” she said.

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Karen McKeown

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Luke Henderson was hallucinating and conference voices before his genocide in Dec 2017, his partner claims

She claimed sanatorium staff “dismissed” her concerns about her partner.

“They were observant he was display no signs of mental illness, and he was display no signs of suicidal ideation, that we find unequivocally tough to take,” she said.

“I beheld there was suicidal ideation there.”

“I told a sanatorium all of these things… and they usually discharged my concerns. They unsuccessful to recognize these signs.”

Since his death, Ms McKeown pronounced her life had been “absolute chaos”.

Her dual children are “absolutely sad given losing their dad”, and removing a right support for her family has been a challenge.

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Karen McKeown is petitioning a Scottish Parliament for a examination of mental health services

She combined that she was not astounded by a miss of support her family has received.

“Not usually was Luke failed, though my family is stability to be unsuccessful with not giving my kids a support or myself a support,” she said

Now Ms McKeown is petitioning a Scottish Parliament for “a full examination of mental health services opposite a NHS in Scotland, to safeguard that process and use is delivered consistently opposite a country”.

The petition is also upheld by Gillian Murray, whose uncle David Ramsay was incited divided from NHS Tayside’s Carseview section in Dundee twice and afterwards killed himself.

Ms Murray had formerly told BBC Scotland that there was a catalog of failures over a doing of her uncle’s box in a days before he killed himself.

She pronounced Mr Ramsay’s genocide had been preventable as he had told staff “in no capricious terms” and on apart occasions that he did not wish to live and indispensable help.

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Mr Ramsay’s family, who are also petitioning a parliament, contend his genocide could have been prevented if he had been given assistance when he asked for it

A mouthpiece for a Scottish supervision pronounced it had recently launched a new self-murder impediment plan, and that they hoped it would revoke self-murder rates further.

She added: “Mental Health Minister Clare Haughey has met Ms McKeown to plead a family’s concerns.

“There is also now an eccentric exploration into mental health services in NHS Tayside, chaired by David Strang. We will safeguard that a lessons from a exploration are schooled opposite a NHS in Scotland.”

If we have been influenced by any of a issues per suicide, there is help available. If you, or someone we know, is struggling, we can find support here. And there is list of organisations that might be means to assistance during


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