Pharma association charged over baby feed ‘contamination’


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ITH Pharma, a dilettante manufacturer of intravenous nutrition, has been charged with a series of offences following a deaths and illness of babies in some hospitals in England.

It is due to seem during Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday 17 Dec charged with 7 depends of provision medicinal product not of a peculiarity specified in a prescription.

It is also charged with unwell to take reasonable stairs to safeguard patients are not putrescent by contaminants, in crack of a Health and Safety during Work Act.

The babies, many of whom were premature, were being fed by drips in neonatal complete caring units, between 2009 and 2014.

ITH Pharma pronounced it was unhappy by a preference to assign a association and would “vigorously defend” a case.


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