Plastic in a Ocean: How We Can All Reduce Single-Use Plastics


plastic giveaway alternatives

plastic giveaway alternatives

This post is a common defence to assistance be partial of a resolution to a problem that is many bigger than any of us… a flourishing volume of cosmetic in a ocean. We’ve famous for a while some of a health issues associated to cosmetic use, and now a environmental concerns are apropos increasingly alarming.

Plastic in a Ocean: A Growing Problem

We all confront cosmetic everyday. In fact, I’d theory that it would be roughly unfit not to confront cosmetic in some form for even a singular day given it is used in all from wardrobe to vehicle interiors to computers and phones. Our universe is starting to feel a effects of this large cosmetic use.

Some sobering stats on a cosmetic problem:

  • Last year, usually one of a vital soda companies combined over 110 billion cosmetic bottles worldwide.
  • There are an estimated 5+ trillion pieces of cosmetic floating in a oceans, weighing over 300,000 tons.
  • Surfers Against Sewage reports that a universe constructed 1.5 million tons a year of cosmetic in 1950, and now we furnish over 320 million tons a year. And this series is set to double by 2034.

According to, usually some of a consequences we face due to flourishing cosmetic use are:

  • Over 100,000 sea mammals and 1 million sea birds die any year.
  • Two thirds of fish class humour from for cosmetic ingestion and by 2050 there will be some-more cosmetic than fish in a ocean.
  • 5 large rubbish patch cosmetic islands have shaped in a oceans, including one between Hawaii and California that is as large as Texas!
  • This cosmetic is also augmenting a acidification of a sea and drastically augmenting a chances of coral removing sick.

Recycling Isn’t a Answer

Plastic is designed to final a unequivocally prolonged time. This means it can take adult to 1,000 years to entirely mangle down, and when it does mangle down it releases damaging compounds. Recycling is mostly presented as a solution, though it isn’t a finish or even viable answer for several reasons:

  1. Only a tiny commission of a world’s cosmetic is even recycled.
  2. When it is, it costs thousands of dollars to recycle and a newly recycled cosmetic can’t even be sole for as many as it costs to recycle it.
  3. We’re producing some-more cosmetic than we can presumably recycle and some-more forms that can be simply sorted, that creates a routine delayed and inefficient.
  4. Most of cosmetic is recycled into obsolete forms that can usually be done into park benches and rugs though not bottles, so some-more cosmetic is still being created.

See this essay for some-more convincing reasons given recycling isn’t all it’s burst adult to be…

Bottom line: Recycling is improved than not recycling, though it doesn’t revoke a overuse of plastic. We all (from people to companies and countries) need to start focusing on shortening a cosmetic use in a initial place.

The Worst Offenders

Sadly, a cosmetic problem is one where people shoulder a censure while companies reap a profits. A Jan 2018 essay in Scientific American explains how increasing distinction margins have speedy vital companies to run for continued use of these products.

In short, these companies have resisted measures like a five-cent deposition on cosmetic or potion bottles that led to a pointy boost in recycling. At a same time, they spend millions on ad campaigns like “Keep America Beautiful” and “I Want to be Recycled” that let us feel like we’re accomplishing something profitable for a sourroundings when a particular efforts can do tiny in a face of corporate cosmetic overuse.

Statistically, states and cities that sequence an additional assign on cosmetic bottles and bags see use of these products revoke by 80%. We could even anathema or emanate an opt-in usually process on single-use products like styrofoam and cosmetic straws. The problem is so widespread that legislation competence be necessary, though we also always like to cruise what we can all do away though a need for laws and regulation.

Single-Use Plastics: What We Can All Do

This leads me to a tiny changes we can any make, that together can make a large disproportion in cosmetic use. Big companies might not wish to stop regulating plastics given of distinction margins, though if we all revoke a use of their products that use plastic, we can change these companies with a selling power.


This flourishing problem affects us all and is usually removing worse! Please cruise creation as many changes as we can to pierce toward a low-waste or zero-waste genius whenever possible.

Alternatives to Plastics: Easy Ways to Make a Difference

The following is a list of alternatives to single-use plastic, starting with a misfortune offenders. These products are many mostly found in a sea and are easy ones to replace:

1. Plastic Bottles

In a US alone, 1,500 cosmetic H2O bottles are rejected any singular second. Let that penetrate in. Every singular second! We send over 38 billion to landfills and into a sea any singular year. And these are totally unnecessary! In a grown universe we have entrance to purify water, filters, and reusable bottles. Let’s start regulating them.

Instead use:

  • A reusable H2O bottle in place of disposable ones
  • Your possess water, smoothies, uninformed juice, or teas from home brought from home
  • A H2O filter in your home instead of carrying to buy H2O (This investment will save income over time too.)

2. Personal Hygiene Products

Diapers, spotless napkins, and other hygiene products are a large writer of pollution. It can cost thousands of dollars to diaper one baby until potty training and minister hundreds of thousands of disposable cosmetic diapers to a landfills and ocean. In addition, in a lifetime a lady might use adult to 16,000 disposable tampons or pads, adding as many as $300 pounds of cosmetic rubbish to a planet.

Instead use: 

  • Cloth diapers that cost many reduction over a prolonged term, are some-more healthy for baby, and revoke cosmetic use.
  • A menstrual crater in place of disposable pads or tampons for a zero-waste period. New duration panties are also a good alternative.

3. Plastic Straws

Straws have been in a news newly and many people are already selecting to opt out. Just contend “no thanks” to straws in general, or use eco-friendly alternatives instead.

Instead use:

  • Stainless steel straws or even potion straws (just be clever with them)
  • Silicone straws

4. Disposable Cups

Polystyrene (styrofoam) cups and disposable coffee cups (which are also lined with plastic) are unequivocally prevalent as well. Just like with bottles, these are an easy switch to make and mostly lead to healthier alternatives to beverages too.

Instead use:

  • A potion and silicone prohibited or cold libation crater (this one is totally plastic-free and is my favorite)
  • An insulated libation crater that can keep drinks prohibited or cold for adult to 24 hours
  • Any crater or mop we already have if we make these beverages during home instead (and you’ll save income too!)

5. Plastic Grocery Bags

We use a normal bag for tiny mins before dispatch it. In several places, officials have pronounced cosmetic bags contributed to flooding by clogging drains and gripping a H2O from abating. And these forms of cosmetic leach BPA and other compounds into a food and a skin.

Instead try:

  • One set of super clever reusable grocery bags (they can reinstate literally thousands of disposable grocery bags)
  • For Aldi/Costco shoppers, these Lotus Trolley bags fit ideally into carts and make selling unequivocally easy
  • Or make your possess bags regulating aged t-shirts

6. Produce Bags

Produce bags are simply replaceable too. While a cosmetic ones in a store are so easy, some inexpensive reusable bags are indeed many some-more available and save a lot of cosmetic bearing in a prolonged run. As a bonus, they don’t slice and dump all of your furnish if we collect them adult a wrong way!

Instead try:

  • Drawstring furnish bags
  • Washable furnish totes (I adore these, generally for complicated equipment like honeyed potatoes that we buy in bulk)

7. Plastic Containers Food Wrap

If we’d all usually stop selling anything that comes in a cosmetic container, we consider we’d all see a health and a universe change roughly immediately! But given that is a unequivocally high order, we can start with some baby stairs like shortening wrapping from overly processed foods, storing a leftovers in reusable potion or immaculate containers, and regulating non-plastic wrap.

This post has a full list of how we did this in my kitchen, though there are a integrate of my favorites listed here…

Instead try:

  • Beeswax food hang (yes they are washable and work great!)
  • Glass and bamboo food containers
  • Stainless steel air-tight food containers

8. Plastic Soap Containers

Many forms of antibacterial soaps indeed mistreat a skin microbiome, and they come in single-use cosmetic containers.

Instead try:

  • Picking out bar soaps from a internal soap maker
  • Making your possess reusable foaming palm soap instead of dispatch a container

9. Bottles of Cleaning Products

In a same way, cleaning products are mostly usually a tiny volume of a effective part diluted in a lot of H2O and sole in a large cosmetic bottle! Many of these cleaners lift a same risks as antibacterial soaps and there are healthy options that work many better.

I opt for non-toxic and protected healthy cleaning concentrates and use these to make all from foaming palm soap to all purpose cleaner and washing soap. The combine comes in a singular cosmetic bottle that is recyclable and we use this to fill reusable potion or immaculate steel siphon or mist bottles for use around a house. This reduces a need for dozens of other cosmetic containers!

Instead use:

  • Branch Basics cleaning concentrate which is plant-based, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-GMO
  • Reusable potion mist bottles

10. Food Packaging

Most processed dishes come in cosmetic packaging, and many of them aren’t good food choices anyway. Skip a finished food and make dishes and snacks during home to revoke wrapping (and your physique will appreciate we too).

Instead try:

  • Buying dishes in bulk whenever possible
  • Joining a healthy dishes co-op
  • Supporting internal farmer’s markets
  • Using immaculate steel containers for propagandize lunches

11. Gum

Might not be a initial thing we consider about when we consider of plastic, though many resin does enclose plastics and a lot of it ends adult in a sourroundings any year.

Instead try:

  • Sipping on a minty herbal tea or uninformed extract instead
  • Chew a healthy choice like Glee

Take a No-Plastic Challenge for a Month

If you’re as endangered as we am about how cosmetic is inspiring a health and a universe and wish to make a difference, greatfully join me in avoiding single-use plastics for a month. The manners are elementary and we’re on a respect system, though here’s how to do it:

  1. Make a devise for how you’ll equivocate or reinstate these single-use cosmetic items. Carry a H2O bottle and reusable coffee mug. Stock your automobile with some reusable grocery bags, and dish devise to prepare dishes during home instead of grouping takeout. And swear off drinks in cosmetic bottles entirely!
  2. Get any required reserve to have on palm instead.
  3. Let us know in a comments when you’re starting and how it goes!

Will we join me in a No-Plastic Challenge? Do we have other ideas for shortening cosmetic use? Let’s get started changing a universe for a better!


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