Polish Formula 1 motorist Robert Kubica earnings to a competition after a critical accident


In 2011 Polish Formula 1 motorist Robert Kubica was one of a heading drivers in F1 when he suffered a life-changing accident.

Now he’s creation a comeback.

Kubica, who will expostulate for Williams this season, has usually prejudiced transformation in his right arm after it was partially severed in a accident.

He has been by endless liberation and reconstruction in a inserted period, including competing in a universe convene championship for a integrate of years.

Kubica’s injuries meant he can't hold a steering circle in a required approach with his right hand, on that his fingers do not entirely close, and certain controls for a automobile have had to be re-sited as a result.

But he insists that he is means to expostulate competitively notwithstanding what he refers to as his “limitations”, nonetheless he has pronounced he can't nonetheless contend either he is means to strech a high levels he achieved in his initial career.


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