Poor mental health ‘took so most of my life’


Emma Blezard, 18, says her mental health problems have attacked her of her teenage years.

She started experiencing problems when she was 13, pang from stress and panic attacks before building an eating disorder, basin and recurrent compulsive disorder.

Emma feels some-more income needs to be spent on mental health services, so fewer immature people are kept watchful for help.

A new NHS news has found scarcely one in 4 immature women have a mental illness.

Young women aged 17 to 19 are twice as expected as immature group to have problems, with 23.9% stating a disorder.

NHS England says a new total endorse a significance of a movement being taken to “ramp up” entrance and a long-term devise will be published soon.

Video Journalist: Laura Foster

If you, or someone we know, have been influenced by mental health issues, greatfully revisit a BBC Actionline for some-more advice.


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