Simple Seasonal Grilled Vegetables


Simple Grilled Vegetables

Summer is by distant a many renouned deteriorate for grilling, though a griddle isn’t customarily for meat. This grilled vegetables recipe is one of my favorites. Grilling brings out a healthy benevolence of a onions and provides a good change from sauteed zucchini.

I adore how this super elementary “recipe” lets a healthy integrity of a vegetables shine. Try it and let me know if we agree!

How to Enjoy Grilled Vegetables

Grilling is customarily a faster approach to prepare and doesn’t feverishness adult a residence a approach oven cooking does. It also dirties distant fewer dishes, that is always a means for celebration! Recipes for grilled meats are a many common though there are copiousness of ways to make grilled vegetables that are only as (if not more) delicious.

This recipe is also a good one for camping where grilled dinners are sincerely common and easy prep is necessary.

Seasoning for Grilled Vegetables

In my opinion, a “secret sauce” for this recipe is a homemade ranch seasoning. we customarily have a vast collection of this already done in a cupboard. we adore to move it along on trips given it serves as a versatile seasoning for several meals.

Here is a full post with a sum of my plantation salsa brew recipe and ways we use it.

How to Make Vegetables on a Grill

While there are lots of veggies that are good on grill, zucchini and onions are a many abundant in my garden this time of year. They also are inexpensive and easy to find during roadside stands and farmer’s markets everywhere in a summertime.


For this recipe, cut a zucchini lengthwise into prolonged ½ in. thick slabs. Other ways to suffer zucchini embody regulating a turn slicer to make zucchini noodles (or “zoodles” as we like to call them), that we offer with alfredo salsa or marinara.

Zucchini can be also shredded (or turn sliced) and solidified for after use to take full advantage of a flourishing season. we adore a tips in this post that even shows how to solidify zucchini noodles.


For best grilling, cut a onions into ½ in. rings, withdrawal a onion layers trustworthy rather than separating into particular rings. Brush both sides of a vegetables with olive oil and shower with homemade plantation salsa mix. Grill 2-3 mins on any side, and you’re done!

Bonus: Any leftover vegetables can be used a subsequent morning in an egg breakfast hasten (also a good camping meal!).

Simple Grilled VegetablesSimple Grilled VegetablesPrint

Simple Grilled Vegetables Recipe

Prep 5 mins

Cook 10 mins

Total 15 mins

Author Katie Wells

Yield 4 servings

Zucchini and onion brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with homemade plantation seasoning and afterwards grilled for a quick and elementary summer side.

Courses Side

Cuisine None

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2-3 any zucchini and onion slices

* Percent Daily Values are formed on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values might be aloft or reduce depending on your calorie needs.


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