Sweet & Salty Chocolate-Covered Bacon


chocolate lonesome bacon

chocolate lonesome bacon

Chocolate and bacon are dual dishes that many of us typically eat during totally opposite times of day. we had never suspicion of mixing them until a reader mentioned eating it during a cooking school.

It sounded like a fun examination to do with a kids (they are used to my crazy concoctions), and it was surprisingly REALLY good!

At first, a ambience buds were confused. Was it sweet? Salty? Then came a second bite, and we were sold. From now on, forget healthy versions of cake or cake for birthdays. It will be chocolate-covered bacon around here!

How to Make Chocolate-Covered Bacon

This is positively not an bland recipe, yet it creates an glorious and surprising provide for special occasions.

Making chocolate-covered bacon couldn’t be easier. Just prepare a bacon and set it aside to cool. Next, warp a chocolate in a double boiler. If a chocolate is too thick for easy dipping, stir in a tablespoon or dual of a bacon drippings to skinny it out.

Then drop a bacon in a chocolate one square during a time, jolt it a small to let a additional chocolate season off. The technique that worked best for me was to reason onto one finish of a bacon and use a ladle to dip a chocolate over a bacon.

I used these semi-sweet chocolate chips for this recipe. we favourite a multiple of somewhat honeyed with a saltiness of a bacon. Feel giveaway to use whatever chocolate we like yet (or even homemade chocolate).

You could even make smaller, appetizer-sized chocolate-covered bacon. Just cut a baked bacon strips into buliding before dipping in chocolate.

If we wish to imagination your bacon adult a small we can shower it with chopped pistachios or drizzle it with a small melted cocoa butter. (Check out the photos in this article for some-more decorating inspiration.) Let it cold to set a chocolate and that’s all there is to it!

I know it sounds a small bizarre, yet give it a try. It might only turn a new favorite!

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Chocolate-Covered Bacon Recipe


Ever had chocolate-covered bacon? If not, what surprising dishes have we churned that incited out great? Tell me below!


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