‘The NHS paid for my new French hip’


Colin McIntyre

When Colin McIntyre was told by a NHS he would have to wait 9 months for a new hip he motionless to demeanour during other options.

The 65-year-old went to France for his operation and to his warn he got a income behind from a NHS.

Colin, from Glasgow, says his problems started about 3 years ago.

He was a unchanging during a gym, went dancing and played squish 5 times a week though his right hip was starting to give him “some gip”.

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Colin (right) is behind to personification squish after his hip operation

It was diagnosed as osteoarthritis.

He was told it would gradually get worse in a entrance months though medicine was pronounced to be “the final option” for him.

Over a subsequent few months it got many worse.

He had to give adult all his sports and began to onslaught to travel since of a pain.

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Colin looks during a x-rays of his hip

Colin says: “I can remember sitting during my table one day with one of my clients and he was looking during me and he pronounced ‘you know, we only demeanour so unfortunate and you’re only apparently in pain’.

“And that became a norm, and it affects everything. It affects relationships, it affects a home, a approach we demeanour during things in general.”

NHS watchful list

Unhappy with his NHS diagnosis, Colin went to see a private consultant who told him he had “absolutely no cartilage” in his right hip.

The consultant referred Colin behind to a NHS watchful list for a hip deputy operation and he fast perceived a minute guaranteeing diagnosis within 12 weeks.

The minute pronounced he would be offering an appointment before 16 Feb 2017.

However, about median by his 12-week wait he got a phone call from a sanatorium that suggested him it was going to take 8 or 9 months.

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Colin perceived a minute observant his diagnosis was guaranteed within 12 weeks

“I pronounced to a lady ‘why have we sent out this letter?’,” Colin says.

“She pronounced ‘well it’s a authorised requirement, we have to send a letter’.

“So we afterwards pronounced so you’re going to send me another minute explaining all this? And she pronounced no we don’t send out other letters, we only make phone calls.”

Looking for an alternative

Colin says he was repelled that a 12-week diagnosis “guarantee” minute in a Patients’ Rights Scotland Act was “not value a paper it is created on”.

He motionless he could not spend 9 months in pain and looked for an alternative.

He checked out a cost of carrying a operation finished secretly by a consultant he had seen earlier.

It was going to be between £10,000 and £12,000.

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Colin looked for alternatives to watchful 9 months on a NHS list

There is zero to stop patients going anywhere in a universe for an operation if they are prepared to pay.

But a cost is a vital emanate as good as concerns over a peculiarity of a operation.

Colin says: “At a time we was vocalization to opposite people and they were observant ‘you demeanour terrible’ and afterwards one of my clients pronounced to me, ‘I know someone who is going to France to have his hip done’.”

Colin got a phone series of a male carrying his operation in France and kept in touch.

“He was intensely tender with it and for me that was improved than any kind of created commemorative on a internet, or whatever,” he says.

Image caption

Colin was told he would have to wait adult to 9 months for his operation

Colin contacted a medicine in France and got some-more information.

“I was told that if we have your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) it was going to cost £3,450,” he says.

“If we didn’t have that card, it would have been about £10,000.”

“At that indicate we suspicion ‘Well, I’m advantageous we could means that’.

“I was going to have to compensate for flights and maybe a small bit for hotel accommodation though it wasn’t going to be £10,000 or £12,000.”

Within dual weeks, he was in France carrying a operation.

He says: “I had a operation on a Wednesday morning, and a pain only went totally that was for me a best thing and afterwards within dual days we was on crutches, being shown how to travel adult and down stairs.

“I was pushing again within about dual and a half weeks. It was only unbelievable.

“I gave myself 6 months to entirely redeem before we played any kind of racketball though we was going behind to a gym since I’d always been doing that kind of stuff.”

Filled in a form

Colin says he thinks about his preference in terms of profitable to get behind 7 or 8 months of his life.

He paid for his operation in France upfront though his alloy told him he would be means to retrieve some of a cost from a NHS.

“He indeed filled in a form that he had, we consider a chronicle he had was from NHS Lothian, and you’re only giving all your details, all a procedure, whatever,” Colin says.

Image caption

Colin was paid behind £2,300 for a cost of his operation

In one of his letters of censure about a delay, Colin had already told NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde that he would send them a bill, nonetheless he says this was “tongue in cheek”.

He says: “When we sent a bill, within days we got a phone call from a really good lady who incited out to be a doctor.

“She pronounced that’s excellent though we need a check damaged down into what’s a medical partial and a non-medical part.”

Colin says: “So we went behind to Laurent [the surgeon], he got me a damaged itemised bill, £2,300 for a medical part, £950 for his facilitating price and a integrate of hundred quid for hotels.

“I sent them a check and again within days a same lady phoned behind and pronounced ‘that’s fine, you’ll get a coupon within dual weeks’.

“Literally we got a coupon for £2,300 within dual days. Unbelievable.”

‘Cherry on a cake’

A BBC Scotland Freedom of Information ask found that during slightest 318 procedures abroad had been saved by Scottish health play over a past 5 years.

Colin was reimbursed underneath a EU Cross-Border Healthcare Directive, definition a health house paid behind a cost of a procession and sanatorium care, homogeneous to what it would have cost a NHS to lift out a surgery.

He says many people he talks to, including people in a NHS, do not know about a agreement.

“I was vacant since that was apparently only a cherry on a cake,” he says.

“The fact I’d had a operation, a fact it had left so well, a fact that we had my life back, that was value it though to get a income back, that was only – it’s totally unexpected.”

Disclosure: Life on a NHS List is on BBC One Scotland during 20:30 on Monday 3 Dec and on a iplayer.


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