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Alison graphic during a start of her weight detriment journey

Alison is a self-confessed food addict who weighs 21st (133kg) and is deliberation extreme movement to revoke her size.

She’s had a bad day and that leads to her tucking into her favourite Chinese takeaway with her daughter and grand-daughter.

Alison knows she should not do it though currently she feels degraded in her daily conflict to eat healthily.

“I should not be eating it, I’m meant to be losing weight,” she tells a BBC Scotland documentary Shedding a Fat.

“I’ve mislaid a quarrel with a devil.

“The demon won. The demon is a Chinese.”

Highest levels of obesity

The onslaught with an diseased diet is one that is replicated opposite a country.

Scotland has one of a top levels of plumpness in a world, with about 65% of a adult race classed as overweight with some-more than a million of them classed as obese.

This creates a aria on health services and can leads to beforehand genocide due to ongoing conditions such as form 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

The dual vital lifestyle factors compared with a expansion of plumpness are miss of earthy loitering and bad diet.

Alison, who is 51 and lives in Ayrshire, says she wants to remove weight to be around to demeanour after her daughter and her grandchildren.

“If I’m not here, who watches over them, who keeps an eye on them,” she says.

Her enterprise to remove weight has led her to a doors of a bariatric section during University Hospital Ayr.

It is one of a few dilettante centres that performs medicine that helps those who need to remove weight.

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Surgeon Majid Ali performs an endoscopy on Stephen in credentials for his weight detriment surgery

The medicine reduces a distance of a stomach so reduction food is eaten and digested.

This can be finished by requesting a gastric band, inserting a gastric balloon or formulating a gastric sleeve to revoke stomach capacity.

In other operations a viscera can be bypassed to revoke fullness of food

The unit’s clinical executive of medicine and endoscopy is Majid Ali.

He has seen a repairs caused to a inside of a physique and warns of a fee of eating junk food.

He says: “Eating crisps is like trade hours of your life, we have to ask yourself: ‘Is it value it?’.”

Last year, 192 bariatric operations were achieved by NHS Scotland.

However, doctors contend resources are singular and they need to aim patients who will advantage most.


Crucially, this means those who are committed to creation lifestyle changes for a better.

“Surgery is customarily partial of this journey, a lot of things have to change”, says Mr Ali.

Bariatric medicine is not an easy choice and there are risks compared with this form of surgery.

Extreme amounts of fat in a physique can make it vulnerable to discharge a ubiquitous anaesthetic.

Stephen, also from Ayrshire, has been told he needs to remove weight before he can be deliberate for surgery.

He weighs 26st (165kg) and has a physique mass index (BMI) of 52, that is classed a morbidly obese.

A health BMI should be between 20 and 25.

His additional weight means he can't nonetheless be deliberate for a medicine that could revoke his weight and his diabetes.

Doctors wish him to remove weight to uncover he is committed to changing his ways.

But a affinity for “munchies” of pizza or a kebab after a “sociable” splash during a weekend creates it hard.

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Stephen prepares for medicine to heal his form 2 diabetes

Stephen says being diagnosed with diabetes has fearful him.

He says: “I’ve got so many health problems now and that’s when we realised I’ve got to do something.”

His mother Tina, who met Stephen in a quick food shop, is disturbed about his health.

She says: “I feel partly to censure for it. He wasn’t as large when he changed in here.”

During a conference during a hospital, Mr Ali reviews his weight detriment record over a prior months and concludes that Stephen isn’t holding a routine seriously.

The surgeon says romantic health has a partial to play in progressing a healthy weight.

Mr Ali says: “The patients we understanding with customarily have some psychological container – low self esteem, stress or depression.

“Bariatric medicine can give wish to people.

“It can boost a peculiarity of their life, it can supplement years to their life and, for some, it can save their lives.”

Slice of toast

In a weeks heading adult to her operation, Alison ditched a takeaways to follow a despotic 800 calorie-a-day diet.

She weighs portions of chicken, chooses a lowest calorie unfeeling brew from her freezer and works out either adding a spoonful of salsa will leave room for a cut of toast after in a day.

Her joining pays off.

On a handling list Alison’s stomach is reduced in distance by 90%, about 25% of her viscera are also bypassed and a new smaller tote will digest a most smaller portions of food.

‘A new journey’

Ten months after her gastric bypass she is 8 and a half mill (54kg) lighter and convalescent her confidence.

Shopping for garments is now a joy, she says.

Alison says: “I feel happier and healthier, a happier is still perplexing to locate adult with a healthier.

“The one thing medicine has given me is freedom.”

Stephen has strew about 13lbs (6kg) and hopes to have his gastric bypass before a finish of a year.

“Then it’s a start of a new journey,” he says.

Shedding a Fat is on BBC One Scotland on Monday 26 Nov during 21:00 GMT.


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