The scholarship is clear: with HIV, undetectable equals untransmittable


In a new commentary, NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., and colleagues promulgate formula from vast clinical trials and conspirator studies validating U=U. The landmark NIH-funded HPTN 052 clinical hearing showed that no related HIV transmissions occurred among HIV serodifferent heterosexual couples when a partner vital with HIV had a durably suppressed viral load. Subsequently, a PARTNER and Opposites Attract studies reliable these commentary and extended them to male-male couples.

Validation of a HIV diagnosis as impediment plan and acceptance of a U=U judgment as scientifically sound have countless behavioral, amicable and authorised implications, a NIAID officials note. U=U can assistance control a HIV pestilence by preventing HIV transmission, and it can revoke a tarnish that many people with HIV face.

The success of U=U as an HIV impediment process depends on achieving and progressing an undetectable viral bucket by holding ART daily as prescribed. Numerous factors, including miss of entrance to peculiarity health care, can make ART confluence difficult. To raise a altogether success of U=U, a authors stress a significance of implementing programs that assistance patients sojourn in caring and residence a barriers to daily therapy.


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