Too most vitamin A might boost risk of bone fractures


Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that is critical for countless biological processes including growth, vision, shield and organ function. Our bodies are incompetent to make vitamin A though a healthy diet including meat, dairy products and vegetables should be sufficient to say a body’s nutritive needs. Some justification has suggested that people who take vitamin A supplements might be augmenting their risk of bone damage. Previous studies in mice have shown that short-term overdosing of vitamin A, during a homogeneous of 13-142 times a endorsed daily stipend in people, formula in decreased bone density and an augmenting detonate risk after only 1-2 weeks. This examine is a initial to inspect a effects of reduce vitamin A doses that are some-more homogeneous to those consumed by people holding supplements, over longer time-periods.

In this study, Dr Ulf Lerner and colleagues from Sahlgrenska Academy during a University of Gothenburg, news that mice given reduce doses of vitamin A, homogeneous to 4.5-13 times a RDA in humans, over a longer time period, also showed thinning of their skeleton after only 8 days, that progressed over a 10 week examine period.

Dr Ulf Lerner commented, “Previous studies in rodents have shown that vitamin A decreases bone density though these studies were achieved with really high doses of vitamin A, over a brief duration of time. In a examine we have shown that most reduce concentrations of vitamin A, a operation some-more applicable for humans, still decreases rodent bone density and strength.”

Next, Dr Ulf Lerner intends to examine if human-relevant doses of vitamin A impact bone expansion prompted by exercise, that was not addressed in this study. Additionally, his group will examine a effects of vitamin A supplementation in comparison mice, where expansion of a skeleton has ceased, as is seen in a elderly.

Dr Ulf Lerner cautions: “Overconsumption of vitamin A might be an augmenting problem as many some-more people now take vitamin supplements. Overdose of vitamin A could be augmenting a risk of bone weakening disorders in humans though some-more studies are indispensable to examine this. In a infancy of cases, a offset diet is ideally sufficient to say a body’s nutritive needs for vitamin A.”


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