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Legal Magazines List.
The Best Legal Magazines from thousands of Legal Magazines on a web regulating hunt and amicable metrics. Subscribe to these websites since they are actively operative to educate, inspire, and commission their readers with visit updates and high-quality information.

These magazines are ranked formed on following criteria

  • Google repute and Google hunt ranking
  • Influence and recognition on Facebook, chatter and other amicable media sites
  • Quality and coherence of posts.
  • Feedspot’s editorial organisation and consultant review

Best 10 Legal Magazines

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Legal Magazines

1. ABA Journal Magazine | The Lawyer’s Magazine

Chicago About Blog Get continual news updates from a United States’ most-read and most-respected authorised affairs repository and website, ABA Journal. It is a flagship repository of a American Bar Association, covering a trends, people and finances of a authorised contention from Wall Street to Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.
Frequency about 42 posts per week.
Facebook fans 25,082. Twitter supporters 97,344.

2. The Lawyer Magazine | Legal News and Jobs | Advancing a business of law

London About Blog Top authorised repository and website with all a violation stories and online debate, features, blogs, research and authorised job. Award-winning website and repository with all a violation stories, explanation and information on a tellurian authorised sector.
Frequency about 34 posts per week.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter supporters 91,253.

3. The Law Society Gazette Magazine

London, UK About Blog The Law Society is a eccentric veteran physique for solicitors. We paint and support a members, compelling a top veteran standards and a order of law. All a latest top-quality authorised news and research for solicitors, barristers, trainees and determined lawyers.
Frequency about 3 posts per week.
Facebook fans 12,753. Twitter supporters 84,304.

4. New Law Journal Magazine | The Leading Weekly Legal Magazine

About Blog Weekly law magazine, heading on debate, lawsuit brawl resolution. Discover a latest law and authorised repository articles, newsletter, reports publications. Become improved sensitive today.
Frequency about 13 posts per week.
Facebook fans n/a. Twitter supporters 9,202.

5. Legal Era Magazine | Legal News India

India About Blog Legal Era, India’s No. 1 law repository on business, a authorised universe by a ARA Legal Media Group, covering latest authorised news india, Deal travel news, law news, law organisation news, latest general news gripping eye on all law affairs.
Frequency about 17 posts per week.
Facebook fans 4,908. Twitter supporters 872.

6. Legal Business Magazine

UK About Blog Legal Business is a market-leading silken monthly repository for a UK and tellurian authorised market. Legal news, blogs, explanation and research from Legal Business – a market-leading monthly repository for authorised professionals globally.
Frequency about 13 posts per week.
Facebook fans 77. Twitter supporters 14,086.

7. Attorney during Law Magazine | A National Legal Magazine

United States About Blog Attorney during Law Magazine is a inhabitant trade announcement for and about private use attorneys. The repository brings information and news to a authorised village as good as providing a height to spotlight a people, events and happenings of a industry. Attorney during Law Magazine is for and about private use lawyers. It’s focused on a attention and a people and firms that expostulate a success.
Frequency about 42 posts per week.
Facebook fans 889. Twitter supporters 865.

8. Lawyer Monthly Magazine | Legal News Magazine

Lichfield, England About Blog Lawyer Monthly is a Legal News Publication featuring a Latest Deals, Appointments and Expert Insights from Legal Professionals around a Globe.
Frequency about 17 posts per week.
Facebook fans 33,424. Twitter supporters 17,794.

9. Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Canada About Blog Canada’s many extensive organisation of magazines for a authorised profession. It is Canada’s initial and inaugural award-winning announcement dedicated to a niceties and nuances of authorised use with monthly in-depth coverage of stream news, events and issues, including columns, features, surveys and profiles.
Frequency about 2 posts per month.
Facebook fans 1,971. Twitter supporters 17,776.


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