Top 10 Videographers Youtube Channels to Follow in 2019


1. Pascal Basel

Pascal BaselPascal Basel About Youtuber My name is Pascal and we left my pursuit in 2015 to transport a world. On my travels, we rediscovered my passion for videography, what we already had when we was younger. So we started this YouTube channel to share my transport practice and my believe about filmmaking and drones.
Since Mar 2014
Youtube Followers- 5,690 . Views Count- 537,910 . Video Count – 95

2. Travel Videography

Travel VideographyTravel Videography Australia
About Youtuber Travel Videography is focused on formulating cinematic transport videos. Our aim is to enthuse people to transport and emanate their possess EPIC transport videos.
Since Aug 2018
Youtube Followers- 155 . Views Count- 10,667 . Video Count – 19

3. Mayad Studios

Mayad StudiosMayad Studios About Youtuber We are general marriage videographers who specialize in finish weddings.
Since Jan 2007
Youtube Followers- 79,741 . Views Count- 16,932,117 . Video Count – 528

4. Parker Walbeck

Parker WalbeckParker Walbeck United States
About Youtuber we run an online film propagandize called Full Time Filmmaker where we act as a coach assisting filmmakers/videographers from around a world, rise their filmmaking skills and businesses.
Since Aug 2012
Youtube Followers- 538,869 . Views Count- 22,303,774 . Video Count – 63

5. Chittagong Videography

Chittagong VideographyChittagong Videography Bangladesh
About Youtuber Follow us to keep adult with videos on videography from Chittagong Videography.
Since Jun 2014
Youtube Followers- 1,478 . Views Count- 85,752 . Video Count – 73

6. Wild Oak Films | Wedding Video, Videography

Wild Oak Films | Wedding Video, VideographyWild Oak Films | Wedding Video, Videography About Youtuber Wild Oak Films believes in formulating genuine marriage stories about genuine people in an authentic way.
Since Dec 2017
Youtube Followers- 1,079 . Views Count- 135,275 . Video Count – 36

7. New Jersey Videography

New Jersey VideographyNew Jersey Videography About Youtuber Come see a Wedding Highlights what we can do for you! We entice we to perspective a New Jersey Wedding Videography samples and Wedding Videography in New York.
Since Oct 2015
Youtube Followers- 155 . Views Count- 122,222 . Video Count – 243

8. Synergy Videography

Synergy VideographySynergy Videography United States
About Youtuber Synergy Videography, we yield a stress-free knowledge that shows your singular code establishes trust.
Since Feb 2014
Youtube Followers- 50 . Views Count- 11,737 . Video Count – 61

9. Sean McMullen

Sean McMullenSean McMullen Canada
About Youtuber As a published photographer and videographer, we find to mix both of my passions to broach high peculiarity content. we am intensely dedicated to a top beliefs of videography, going good lengths to emanate a constrained film that is interesting, eye-catching and unique.
Since May 2009
Youtube Followers- 23 . Views Count- 10,848 . Video Count – 37

10. Weddings Videographer

Weddings VideographerWeddings Videographer United Kingdom
About Youtuber We are Emmanuel Christina and we are freelance marriage videographers. Happily married, with dual extraordinary children we have built a tiny family business for marriage videography.
Since Mar 2018
Youtube Followers- 1 . Views Count- 207 . Video Count – 9

11. Videography CT

Videography CTVideography CT About Youtuber Follow us to keep adult with videos on videography from Videography CT.
Since Apr 2017
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 4,836 . Video Count – 16


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