Top 30 Hawaii Youtube Channels To Follow


1. Big Island Video News | Hawaii News Channel

Big Island Video News | Hawaii News Channel Hawaii Island
About Youtuber Love Hawaii Island? Check out Big Island Video News! Subscribe us to get news and updates from a Big Island of Hawaii.
Since Oct 2009
Youtube Followers- 66,433 . Views Count- 31,912,594 . Video Count – 3,934

2. Gabe Humphries

Gabe Humphries Pahoa, Hawaii
About Youtuber Growing adult in a jungle but using H2O or electricity will learn we how to live with really small and thrive. This channel will concentration on jungle bushcraft, jungle edibles, lava, rigging reviews, camping, Hawaiian bushcraft, homesteads and farms in Hawaii. we live in a lava section Pahoa Hawaii and we will be vlogging about my day to day life.
Since Feb 2015
Youtube Followers- 64,664 . Views Count- 11,755,203 . Video Count – 475

3. Apau Hawaii Tours

Apau Hawaii Tours Hawaii
About Youtuber This channel was focused on a Kilauea tear inside Leilani Estates commencement May, 2018. Since a lava has stopped issuing a concentration has altered to showcase a beauty of Hawaii. There will still be refurbish videos on a lava from time to time.
Since Jun 2012
Youtube Followers- 22,322 . Views Count- 5,262,997 . Video Count – 598

4. We Are Hawaii

We Are Hawaii Hawaii
About Youtuber We Are Hawaii is a network ancillary internal viners who share a beauty of Hawaii a people.
Since Nov 2013
Youtube Followers- 15,080 . Views Count- 2,732,368 . Video Count – 137

5. Ellen Fisher | Hawaiian Family Vlog

Ellen Fisher | Hawaiian Family Vlog Hawaii
About Youtuber A family vlog that posts videos on their life experiences.
Since Dec 2012
Youtube Followers- 613,629 . Views Count- 58,292,627 . Video Count – 151

6. Honolulu Civil Beat | Hawaii Civic Affairs Channel

Honolulu Civil Beat | Hawaii Civic Affairs Channel Honolulu, HI
About Youtuber Honolulu Civil Beat is a largest news classification dedicated exclusively to county affairs broadcasting in Hawaii. It is where we can learn about, understand, discuss and learn a critical issues confronting a community.
Since Feb 2010
Youtube Followers- 38,456 . Views Count- 10,350,817 . Video Count – 720

7. Star-Advertiser

Star-Advertiser Honolulu, Hawaii
About Youtuber Covering Hawaii news, business, sports, party and weather. Hawaii’s tip source for violation news.
Since Mar 2010
Youtube Followers- 8,407 . Views Count- 12,053,682 . Video Count – 4,168

8. Hawaii Mami

Hawaii Mami Hawaii, US
About Youtuber Makeup. Cooking. Music. A Whole Lotta FUN 🙂
Since Jun 2013
Youtube Followers- 8,051 . Views Count- 1,003,181 . Video Count – 232

9. Doing Hawaii | Hawaiian Lava Eruption Channel

Doing Hawaii | Hawaiian Lava Eruption Channel Hawaii
About Youtuber You can now try Hawaii but withdrawal your house. Currently Exploring a Kilauea Volcano Eruption 2018 and training a lot about geology and volcanos. Including Fissures, Lava Channels, Lava Rivers, Tephra, Summit Collapse Events and so many more. Won’t we join us on this journey?
Since Oct 2013
Youtube Followers- 7,944 . Views Count- 1,099,419 . Video Count – 194

10. Hawaii News Now

Hawaii News Now Honolulu, Hawaii
About Youtuber Hawaii News Now covers some-more than only Hawaii news. Subscribe us for violation news and serious continue updates, internal and inhabitant headlines, stories that people are articulate about,
Since Nov 2009
Youtube Followers- 7,694 . Views Count- 2,540,446 . Video Count – 954

11. University of Hawaii Athletics Department – Manoa

University of Hawaii Athletics Department - Manoa Honolulu, HI
About Youtuber The goal of a University of Hawaii Athletics Department is to work energetic sports programs enlivening student-athletes in their office of value in a realms of educational feat and jaunty foe during a top levels.
Since Mar 2009
Youtube Followers- 6,693 . Views Count- 4,376,400 . Video Count – 1,638

12. iHula Hawaii

iHula Hawaii Hawaii
About Youtuber Thank we for checking out my channel. As a dancer, choreographer and clergyman (kumu hula), we am committed to training and pity a art of hula with as many people as we can. No believe is ever required – only a eagerness to learn.
Since Nov 2017
Youtube Followers- 3,351 . Views Count- 284,089 . Video Count – 43

13. Occupy Hawaii

Occupy Hawaii Hawaii
About Youtuber Occupy Hawaii is a channel that facilities videos about News, politics, and approach actions on Hawaii Island.
Since Nov 2011
Youtube Followers- 1,694 . Views Count- 646,496 . Video Count – 2,319

14. Unity Church of Hawaii

Unity Church of Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii
About Youtuber Dynamic messages, relocating music, and some-more from Unity Church of Hawai’i.
Since Jul 2008
Youtube Followers- 1,472 . Views Count- 371,123 . Video Count – 725

15. Fish and Dive Hawaii | Hawaii Fishing Channel

Fish and Dive Hawaii | Hawaii Fishing Channel Hawaii
About Youtuber This channel is about all things fishing and diving here in Hawaii! We do uploads each week!!! My name is Justin and I’m an zealous fisherman and diver located here on Oahu. we take we guys with me on my fishing and spearfishing adventures so we don’t need to buy a sheet to see a action.
Since Jan 2018
Youtube Followers- 1,488 . Views Count- 88,062 . Video Count – 36

16. Hawaii Eats ASMR | Hawaiian Food Channel

Hawaii Eats ASMR | Hawaiian Food Channel Hawaii, US
About Youtuber Welcome to my ASMR/ Food Channel. we am from Hawaii, located on a pleasing island of Oahu. Here, we will learn a food that creates Hawaii such a singular place.
Since May 2018
Youtube Followers- 1,397 . Views Count- 62,148 . Video Count – 41

17. Mysteries of Hawaii

Mysteries of Hawaii Hawaii
About Youtuber Join me and try a dark secrets of a City. Beyond a cold waters and trade winds of a maudlin bliss is a skinny deceive that separates a universe from a place where shadows speak back. Spirits, Ghosts, Legends, Facts… Experience a Hawaii many don’t see everyday.
Since Jan 2015
Youtube Followers- 1,001 . Views Count- 80,647 . Video Count – 34

18. Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Vacation Hawaii
About Youtuber Aloha, this channel will assistance we to get a many out of your Hawaii Vacation. We offer information about Hawaii and lots of insider tips for food and shopping.
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 901 . Views Count- 724,042 . Video Count – 1,107

19. channel808.TV

channel808.TV Hawaii
About Youtuber Tune in to Hawaii! We underline videos from Hawaii, about Hawaii, in Hawaii, and who knows where else?
Since Nov 2006
Youtube Followers- 860 . Views Count- 431,469 . Video Count – 535

20. Starwood Hawaii

Starwood Hawaii Hawaii
About Youtuber Offering guest a possibility to learn a genuine Hawai’i, a approach it’s meant to be. From a welcoming grin of a Starwood ‘Ohana (family) and a lush amenities to a flavors of a world-class cuisines and stirring activities, each believe is designed to offer a singular and particular clarity of place. Let us assistance we try a magic, a beauty and a undying allure of O’ahu, Maui, Kaua’i and Hawai’i’s Big Island.
Since Dec 2008
Youtube Followers- 326 . Views Count- 371,453 . Video Count – 131

21. Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Hawaii Tribune-Herald Hawaii, USA
About Youtuber The Hawaii Tribune-Herald is a heading journal portion a race of East Hawaii and published daily in Hilo, Hawaii.
Since Dec 2017
Youtube Followers- 227 . Views Count- 186,630 . Video Count – 138

22. Adrienne Lally

Adrienne Lally Hawaii
About Youtuber Team Lally helps we navigate by a formidable obstruction of what Hawaii Real Estate is today. They’ll yield a experience, talent, and believe to get we to where we need to be. Subscribe to find homes and condos for sale in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island.
Since Nov 2007
Youtube Followers- 212 . Views Count- 142,935 . Video Count – 1,093

23. Frolic Hawaii

Frolic Hawaii Hawaii
About Youtuber This channel provides information about a opposite food outlets in Hawaii.
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 190 . Views Count- 68,089 . Video Count – 139

24. On Hawaii Time

On Hawaii Time Hawaii
About Youtuber On Hawaii Time is a channel that facilities videos about a opposite places in Hawaii.
Since Jun 2018
Youtube Followers- 179 . Views Count- 4,455 . Video Count – 15

25. FLUX Hawaii | Hawaii Lifestyle Magazine

FLUX Hawaii | Hawaii Lifestyle Magazine Honolulu, Hawaii
About Youtuber FLUX Hawaii is a quarterly lifestyle repository for a socially conscious, forward-thinking demographic that facilities a latest in internal humanities and culture, as good as a amicable issues that settle and continue a islands’ clarity of place. Our goal has been to yield an insider demeanour into a enlightenment of Hawaii, doing so respectfully and in truth, while uncovering a issues that make a islands one of a many singular places to be in a world.
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- 154 . Views Count- 15,613 . Video Count – 36

26. Sakamoto Properties | Hawaii Real Estate Channel

Sakamoto Properties | Hawaii Real Estate Channel Kapalua, Hawaii
About Youtuber Since a creation, this Maui genuine estate association has turn a successful and obvious entity via Maui and a rest of a state of Hawaii.
Since May 2010
Youtube Followers- 38 . Views Count- 17,122 . Video Count – 171

27. Honolulu Magazine

Honolulu Magazine Honolulu, HI
About Youtuber From five-star restaurants to dark holes-in-the-wall, Biting Commentary will let we know what’s prohibited and what’s not. Find out a latest grill news who’s opening, who’s closing, that cook is relocating on, where a good special dinners are. Discover a best menu items, fanciful wines, overwhelming cocktails and hand-crafted beers.
Since Jun 2008
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 1,918,782 . Video Count – 228

28. KHON2 News

KHON2 News Honolulu, Hawaii
About Youtuber KHON2 is Hawaii’s source for internal news, sports, and weather.
Since Dec 2011
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 42,702,769 . Video Count – 35,923


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