Truro lady not told of cancer for 3 months


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Ben Smith

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Beverley Smith died a week after anticipating out she had cancer

A lady was not told she had cancer until a week before she died, notwithstanding carrying been diagnosed 3 months earlier.

Beverley Smith, 63, from Truro, Cornwall died in July.

The formula of a biopsy taken in Plymouth in Mar were not common with her, or with medics treating her during sanatorium in Truro.

Derriford and a Royal Cornwall Hospitals pronounced a caring she perceived was “below a trust’s expectations”.

For 6 years, Ben Smith was a full-time carer for his mother, who had been paralysed from a chest down given a highway collision in 1972.

He said: “If we’d famous she had cancer she could have come home for 3 months and we could have had that time together.”

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The caring of Beverley Smith (2018)

  • 14 Marchbone biopsy taken.

  • 26 Aprilcancer diagnosis made.

  • 11 JulyMrs Smith told of cancer.

  • 17 JulyCT indicate reveals border of cancer.

  • 22 JulyMrs Smith dies.


Mrs Smith had a bone biopsy taken during an operation during Derriford Hospital in Plymouth on 14 Mar 2018.

It was one of 3 operations on her hip, and she afterwards perceived endless serve diagnosis while a studious during a Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT).

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Ben Smith says doctors continued to examine his mother’s hip wound as her cancer diagnosis had not been shared

On 11 Jul a family was told about a cancer diagnosis and 6 days after a CT indicate suggested how critical it was.

“I was told that mum’s cancer was depot and zero could be done,” Mr Smith said.

“I pronounced we would like to take her home as she didn’t wish to die in hospital.”

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Derriford Hospital in Plymouth and a Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro have “sincerely apologised for a distress”

He got her home on Friday 20 Jul and she died dual days later.

“If we had famous she had cancer they wouldn’t have had to do all a invasive treatments, a injections, blood tests each day – twice a day sometimes,” Mr Smith said.

“She never had a event to contend a things she would like to have pronounced to my boys, her grandsons.

“The wake arrangements and financial decisions she could have put in place, and friends and family could have visited her before she died.”

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In a corner matter RCHT and Derriford said: “We would like to unequivocally apologize for a trouble that Mrs Smith’s family have been caused.

“We are contemptible that a caring Mrs Smith perceived was next both her family’s and a Trust’s expectations.

“We know that communication can be a plea with other health caring providers and we are operative together to safeguard that we get this right each time for the patients.”


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