UK blank teenager’s family launch art plan in her memory


The family of a teen whose disappearance from an English strand city has led to concerns over caring for immature people with mental health issues have launched an art plan in her memory a year after she vanished.

Relatives of Gaia Pope, whose physique was found 11 days after she went blank in Swanage in Dorset, are also appealing for anyone with information about a box to come forward.

Gaia, 19, dead on 7 Nov final year, heading to an endless military hunt and a debate by her family and friends to find her. Her physique was detected in undergrowth nearby a coastal trail by police.

A postmortem suggested that Gaia, who had epilepsy, died from hypothermia though her family have lifted concerns both about a military hunt and how officers dealt with an claim of rape she done in Dec 2015.

A year on from her daughter’s disappearance, Gaia’s mother, Natasha Pope, said: “This year has been some-more unpleasant than difference can say. Sometimes we can’t trust we have survived it, though with my each exhale we adore and direct probity for my daughter.

“Since #MeToo, we have seen a rising transformation for a rights of women and girls. Change is coming.”

Calling for serve help, Gaia’s cousin Marienna Pope-Weidemann said: “When she was missing, it was a support and loyalty from a open that kept us going. You gave us wish that we would find Gaia.

“A year after her death, we contingency call on we again to assistance us find probity for her. We can’t do this though you.

“If we know anything that competence assist a review into Gaia’s rape box or a blank persons review and assistance us learn a truth, greatfully come forward; not only for Gaia’s sake, though for a consequence of anyone else who competence be during risk.”

The family has launched a artistic plan called #ArtForGaia, anticipating it will assistance make certain a teen is not lost and emanate a forum for people influenced by passionate assault and mental health issues to share their practice by artistic work.

They are job for Gaia’s friends, anyone concerned in a hunt and a wider open to consider about submitting pieces of art.

Dorset police’s response to her disappearance is a theme of an exploration by a Independent Office for Police Conduct.

The watchdog is also questioning a censure from Gaia’s family over Dorset police’s preference to take no serve movement in propinquity to a claim of rape. Her family pronounced she grown symptoms of post-traumatic highlight commotion following that decision.

Deborah Coles, a executive of debate organisation Inquest, that is ancillary a family, said: “It is critical that her family see a prompt and strong investigation. There has never been larger fluster about victims of passionate assault being unsuccessful by orthodox agencies.

“There is a transparent couple between a mishap of rape and mental ill-health. The longer a check in identifying any systemic failings, a larger a risk of some-more immature women like Gaia dying.”

More sum of a art plan can be found during


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