Understanding How Gaming Disorder & Gaming Addiction Are Affecting Our Kids


Sam Shay

Are video games a fun approach to unwind, or a deeper problem? My guest currently is transparent on his answer.

Dr. Sam Shay is a chiropractor with a credentials in organic nourishment and testing, though he hasn’t always been as healthy as he is today. Dr. Shay walked his possess tour to overcome his 25-year obsession to video games, a 15-year obsession to sugar, as good his insomnia, tummy problems, and low mood.

Now, Dr. Shay uses his knowledge and training to assistance those with gaming commotion unplug from their screens and block behind into their lives. Dr. Shay also coaches endangered family and friends of problem gamers on how to assistance support a unplugging process.

Episode Highlights: Gaming Addiction

  • the 6 critical reasons video games are so addictive
  • important signs to demeanour for in those struggling with gaming addiction
  • the primal automatic in a mind that creates diversion obsession some-more likely
  • why a “stereotypical gamers” (teenage boys) make adult usually 17% of gamers today
  • why dullness is such a dangerous emotion, and what to do about it as a parent
  • an critical association (and a critical difference) between diversion obsession and recreational drug addiction
  • how a CDC clarification of complicated celebration also relates to gaming disorder
  • the reason to mislay all gaming systems from a bedroom
  • good discipline to settle for healthy gaming
  • an critical reason not to play games during night for a consequence of your shaken system!
  • the startling reason gaming can lead to other unsure behaviors
  • and more

Resources We Mention

  • DrSamShay.com
  • E-book: Help for Gaming Addiction
  • Article: Video Games as Parenting Tools: How It Backfires
  • Article: Video Game Holiday/Weekend Survival Guide
  • E-Course: FlourishOutofAddiction.com
  • Tribe: On Homecoming Belonging by Sebastian Junger
  • It’s Not OK to Be a Cannibal by Andrew Wainwright and Robert Poznanovich
  • Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care

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Do we know someone who struggles with diversion addiction? What do we consider of Dr. Shay’s research of gaming disorder? Also, greatfully take dual mins to leave a review on iTunes. we value meaningful what we consider and this helps other moms find a podcast as well!

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