Using Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy & Sound Therapy to Improve Health With HealthGAINS


Using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Sound Therapy to Improve Health with HealthGAINS

I get so many questions on this subject and we haven’t gotten into it too many nonetheless on a blog, so we know we all will adore today’s guest.

Vanessa Gaudin is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and consultant in women’s health and wellness during HealthGAINS in Miami, Florida. She’s here to speak about some minimally invasive therapies that assistance women revive vaginal attraction and lubrication, generally after childbirth. One uses sound waves, and a other uses plasma from your possess body.

(Just a satisfactory warning, if you’re listening with children and we don’t wish to have to explain a lot, we competence wish to listen to this part but them…)

HealthGAINS for Sexual Wellness

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is flattering extraordinary given all they use is your possess blood to foster healing. The routine involves separating a platelet-rich plasma from your blood with a centerfuge. They afterwards inject this plasma to renovate a nerves and soothing tissues in that area.

Basically it’s your possess physique assisting itself to be healthier, and we adore that! What’s more, it usually takes about 30 mins and has probably no liberation time.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • what platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) can do for sexual health, incontinence, pelvic building problems, and more
  • how HealthGAINS uses sound frequencies to foster healthy blood flow
  • why plasma speeds adult healing
  • the differences between PRP and branch dungeon therapy
  • what kind of liberation to design after treatment
  • how to use platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair growth
  • the Vampire Facelift… and because we competence wish one
  • a reduction invasive choice to Botox
  • what studies are display about what PRP can do for knee joints
  • the dark problem erectile dysfunction competence indicate to
  • how sound frequencies assistance blood upsurge and recovering in several tools of a body
  • why FemiWave sound therapy and a O-Shot work so good together

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Would we try one of these therapies from HealthGAINS? What questions do we have for Vanessa?

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