Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas (That Beat Chocolate and Flowers!)


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I know we competence sound unromantic, yet something in me rebels opposite commercialized holidays (like Valentine’s Day). My father feels a same approach so we don’t do a lot to symbol a day. Every year hubby and we still devise to stay in for a common at-home date night, yet infrequently we cavern (just a small bit) and buy him a present for fun.

You won’t find me shopping a heart-shaped boxes of candy or flowers that will die in a integrate of days, yet we do have a few other ideas that have been a strike in a past or I’m meditative of perplexing this year…

Let’s Upgrade Valentine’s Day Giving This Year!

I adore days that are reminders to tell my father and kids how most we adore and conclude them. But this sold holiday has become a reverence to candy and store-bought products that remove their value after a integrate of days.

We all feel a need to spend a lot of income on costly dates and gifts since a selling group has motionless that Valentine’s Day is a good time for flower and candy sales.

If we are going to spend $126 on Valentine’s Day (the normal according to Business Insider… does anyone indeed do that?!) we have some present ideas that will move durability health and happiness, not only a proxy sugarine rush!

Gifts That Say “I Love You”

My father and we indeed stopped giving costly gifts when we got married, partially for financial reasons and partially to give ourselves a reason to be some-more artistic and courteous with a gifts. As a result, we have a record with hand-written letters and mementos from artistic dates we’ve had over a years that meant so most some-more than a box of chocolates ever could.

The best gifts of all, in my opinion, are quality time or common experiences. This is what I’ll be giving my family this year and would inspire we to cruise it as well! Here’s a list of all of my favorite practice to give as gifts, yet we have some Valentine’s-specific ideas too!

My Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you wish to give an tangible present this year, these are some of my favorite ideas that your target will love, and we can feel good about giving!

Couples’ Gift Ideas

We mostly select to squeeze one aloft peculiarity present we both can suffer rather than giving apart gifts. This way, we can get a somewhat pricier object and both suffer it for months or years to come. Some of a favorites are:

  1. Myobuddy – One of a favorite gifts ever! This is a multiple percussive massage, infrared heat, and myofascial recover in one device. So relaxing and partial of a daily slight now. p.s. Myobuddy is charity a Valentine’s special for Wellness Mama readers: $200 off a Couple’s Massage Pack (or other packs of equal value) with formula MAMA200 or $100 off a Myobuddy Massager Pro with formula MAMA100!
  2. Joovv – Another corner present that has turn partial of a daily routine. Red light therapy has many advantages (though we use it mostly for a skin and hair boost). This post explains what red light therapy (also famous as photobiomodulation) is and since it works.
  3. Sauna – We call a sauna “the still box” and evading for a few mins of still time and infrared feverishness is a double win for us any day. Sauna therapy has some well-documented benefits and is also relaxing.
  4. Wine – Wine is already a renouned Valentine’s Day Gift, yet many wines enclose combined sugars, synthetic colors, or flavors, or some other bizarre things we wouldn’t design to find in wine. We’re large booze fans yet now we hang to Dry Farm Wines, that are lab-tested, revoke alcohol, sugar-free, and don’t have any controversial additives.
  5. Chemex – we adore a potion Chemex coffeemaker. It creates coffeehouse peculiarity pour-over coffee during home.
  6. Alitura Face Body – This line uses a best organic skincare mixture for we can imagine, and a unisex smell means we can both use it, that means reduction to store on a lavatory counter! (Use a formula WELLNESS for 20% off.)
  7. QA a Day for Couples Book – A book with a doubt a day for couples to review and answer together. (It is a follow adult to a renouned QA a Day for Kids book.) A good review started and fun 5-minute daily activity.

For Her:

  1. Shiatsu Massage Pillow – Less than a cost of one tangible massage and SO relaxing!
  2. Organic Cotton Robe – we got this organic string dress for Christmas and adore it! So soothing and a belt is trustworthy so we don’t remove it.
  3. Royally Flawless Facial Moisturizer – Give a present of beautiful skin! I adore this facial oil with a tip peculiarity mixture and no junk!
  4. RTIC Tumbler – I adore this for prohibited and cold drinks and it is a reusable non-plastic splash cup.
  5. 10,000 Lux Happy Light – Feel blue this winter? we use this super-bright “happy light” to keep my cortisol levels healthy.
  6. Dry Brush – Brushing isn’t only for hair and teeth. Brushing skin can assistance it stay smooth, supple, and might urge collagen.
  7. French Press Coffee Maker – Nothing says adore some-more than coffee! (Coffee = my adore language!)
  8. Pique Tea – If coffee’s not her thing or she likes to brew it up! This tea tastes tasty and helps tummy health as well.
  9. Grown-up Coloring Book and Markers – Grown-up coloring books are surging in popularity and studies uncover coloring may revoke highlight levels.

For Him:

  1. Fire Starter Kit – He can “light your fire” literally with this tool to start fires though matches or a lighter.
  2. Smart Wool Socks – Warm hosiery that are good for summer or winter.
  3. Surefire Flashlight – Really high peculiarity slot flashlight.
  4. Wine Aerator – Wine = one of my husband’s adore languages!
  5. Saddleback Leather Wallet – This wallet has a 100 year warranty!! (yes, really!)
  6. Beard Oil– Great choice for a bearded male in your life!
  7. Defender Pad – Protect his lap from EMFs when he uses a laptop.
  8. Tactical Pen – More than only a pen, it works in all conditions and can mangle a automobile window if a chairman is trapped.
  9. Whiskey Stones – Freeze these rocks to use in place of ice in drinks “on a rocks.”

Homemade Gift Ideas

Rather make a gift? Try these easy homemade gifts:

  1. A Great Massage – Get this digital massage march and learn how to give your adore a good massage during home! Cheaper than a massage package and good since we also get peculiarity time together! Don’t worry, it is all PG rated! Make homemade massage butter to go with a gift!
  2. Homemade Chocolate: If we are going to do a chocolate thing, since not make some epicurean chocolate that is indeed good for you? This is my favorite homemade recipe made with cocoa butter and tender honey. You can also tip with a bit of sea salt for a pickled version, or supplement a dump of food-grade peppermint essential oil for a packet flavor. This recipe also works unequivocally good for creation chocolate-covered strawberries (or other fruit) or as a sorcery bombard commanding for homemade ice cream.
  3. A Creative and Fun Date: we share my 7 tip favorite surprising date ideas in this post, yet anything that gets we out of a residence and breaks adult a normal can be fun. we once done a scavenger hunt for my father where he got one thought when he got in his automobile after work, and any thought led him to a new thought until he finally got to a date place (picnic outward and we played frisbee). In a prolonged run, it will be a artistic dates and a time spent together that they remember, not a costly gifts or dates!
  4. Homemade Lotion Bars: Lotion bars are a good present thought for Valentine’s Day. They are totally healthy and can be customized for group or women. Make in silicone molds in any shape to emanate a fragrance of unguent bar flowers (with a mold like this one) or hang with a elementary bar for guys (like this one).

How do we applaud Valentine’s Day? Do any of these ideas sound like something you’ll try? Share below!

what to get for valentines day

what to get for valentines day



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