Vitamin D supplements are of no advantage to a over 70s


Older people are mostly speedy to take supplements of vitamin D to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

But a Newcastle University-led study, published in a American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has corroborated prior investigate that shows there is no advantage for comparison people holding vitamin D.

Aim of study

Almost 400 people, aged 70 years or older, were incidentally allocated to one of 3 doses of vitamin D given once a month for a year — a doses were 300 ?g, 600 ?g or 1200 ?g (equivalent to a daily sip of 10 ?g, 20 ?g or 40 ?g).

The study’s aim — saved by Versus Arthritis — was to magnitude in these comparison people a outcome of vitamin D supplementation on a change in bone vegetable firmness (BMD), a recognized indicator of bone strength, and changers in markers of bone metabolism.

The commentary suggested that there was no change in BMD over 12 months between a 3 doses. However, a investigate did uncover that doses homogeneous to 40 ?g a day are protected in an comparison race and there was a profitable outcome on bone metabolism adult to a top dose.

Dr Terry Aspray, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer during Newcastle University’s Institute of Cellular Medicine, UK, who is upheld by a NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre, led a Vitamin D supplementation in comparison people investigate (VDOP).

He said: “Vitamin D scarcity is common in comparison people, and it might lead to bone loss, spoil of flesh duty and an increasing risk of falls and fractures.

“The formula from prior studies assessing a outcome of vitamin D on bone vegetable firmness have yielded opposing results, and a investigate is a poignant grant to a stream debate.

“While a commentary do not support justification of a advantage of high sip vitamin D supplements, during slightest on bone vegetable density, we do, however, brand that aloft doses of a vitamin might have profitable effects on bone metabolism and that they are protected for comparison people.

“I would advise that comparison people should concentration on progressing a healthy, offset diet, adequate object bearing and take unchanging practice to keep their skeleton as clever as possible.

“While some might need to take vitamin D supplements, there is small advantage to holding some-more than 10 ?g a day.”

Further studies

Further research is underway, including by a Newcastle University PhD student, on a effects object bearing on vitamin D levels in comparison people and a impact of vitamin D supplements on flesh strength.

Experts are also looking during a impact of genes and kidney duty on vitamin D levels and their duty in a blood.

Benjamin Ellis, Versus Arthritis Senior Clinical Policy Adviser, said: “Older people are during increasing risk of falls and fractures, that are debilitating and erode people’s self-confidence, depriving them of their independence.

“Vitamin D helps build and say clever skeleton and muscles. People who are deficient in vitamin D are during increasing risk of falls and fractures.

“In a summer months, Vitamin D is made by a physique when object falls on a skin. We can also get vitamin D from certain foods, or dietary supplements.

“Over a one year of this study, aloft doses of vitamin D conjunction softened measures of bone strength nor reduced falls among comparison people.

“The stream superintendence is still that people during risk of low vitamin D should cruise holding a daily vitamin D supplement, as should everybody during a winter months.

“Work is indispensable to exercise effective strategies to forestall falls and fractures among comparison people, and to know a purpose of drugs and dietary supplements in this.”


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